2021 New Year’s Note From Our Editor-in-Chief Tamu McPherson: Hope Lives On

by Tamu McPherson


On December 23rd, after quarantining at home for one month under an official government lockdown (plus an additional 20 days due to a positive COVID-19 result) I woke with an impressively surprising sense of hope. Leading up to that morning, I remember my days and nights blurred endlessly and work mounting in a hectic trial and error self-service process. Still, I found myself filled with a sentiment so strong that the ambulance sirens ringing in my neighborhood dulled to a hum in the background. Don’t get me wrong, I have not become insensitive to the sirens accompanying COVID patients to the hospital. I hear them, feel them, and pray for those battling this destructive virus. In recognizing and acknowledging the turmoil of 2020 reflections, I nevertheless, I feel optimistic about this New Year. 


2020 Reflections: “And another year means hope lives on.”


I am confident that I am not alone in my feelings. Soon after I sensed a shift in my emotional outlook, I began to observe and feel it elsewhere. Most noteworthy in a post shared on Oprah Magazine’s Instagram page. The phrase “And another year means hope lives on” gave words to the switch that spontaneously pumped in my heart that day. To feel it is to understand that there are certain forces that operate naturally in this universe that we are blessed to grace. That hope is alive, fresh, new, and raw. After facing all that 2020 brought us, we have a testament to the gift that is our resilience and the nature of abundant possibilities bestowed upon us by our Creator. It is evidence of the profound love and affection that permeates our cosmic existence and life itself.


Image via @oprahmagazine


It feels necessary here to point out that 2020 can be looked at as a “tough love” kind of year. Like a nurturing reprimand from Mother Nature, 2020 bred growth out of weathered season. It urged us to take off our blinders and take stock of our lives here on Earth. To make the necessary adjustments and corrections to rehabilitate, resolve, and reset, so that we can move towards our personal and collective greatness. Unconditional love comes to mind when I reflect on the fact that such a harrowing year could end on a note of hope. It’s akin to when parents or loved ones get mad at our negative deeds, scold and call us out. But when the lesson is imparted, the emotions and hurt feelings are soothed with the balm of affection, where things fall into place.


So, if we are to acknowledge – despite the events of 2020 – that the universe is truly conspiring for our success; what are we going to do to honor and fulfill our purpose? 


A Call to Action…


The flock and I have been going back and forth and we have come to the consensus that New Year resolutions are not conducive to actual success. They are by design, too rigid, unforgiving, and limited in the resources and grace that we need to flow towards our goals. Therefore, in continuation of our December editorial theme of “Accountability”, we are calling on ourselves and community to establish and take the necessary actions needed to manifest whatever intention, dream and goals set for 2021. 

Determine Your “Why?”

Achieving personal goals or finding one’s purpose should be treated as a journey. Life is not a straight road. Where would the magic (or fun) be if that were the case? Rather, our stories break like the waves in the sea, the hills that roll across our landscape, or the trees whose leaves change from green to yellow to red and orange in the Autumn. We achieve milestones along the way, learn key lessons, submit to loss and experience truth holding revelations that propel us forward. It is natural that the pursuit of our goals include these events as well as the unfathomable number of other possibilities that may come into play.

It is so important for us to acknowledge and honor these forces when holding ourselves accountable. What’s even more important is for us to truly evaluate the why driving us towards a desired outcome. The why will keep us focused, and everything that happens along the way is an invaluable ingredient in the formula of our destiny. No matter the failures, no matter the difficult self-realizations, no matter the unexpected and reluctant recalibrating – they make our ‘why’ all the more purposeful.


Let’s Make Our Collective “Why” Heard.

Pretty Birds, let us prepare to carry on and realize our goals in 2021. We will take the time to consider the intentions we set for ourselves. We will make sure they are our own and truly serve our cosmic purpose. Might we allow ourselves a space grounded in compassion, patience and grace? We will take action on these terms, adjusting them to be authentic to ourselves and our stories. Let us walk in gratitude for the possibilities of a new year filled with hope.


Love and always love,


Image by Matteo D’Agostino

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