2018 and The Law of Attraction

by Tamu McPherson


2018 is The Year of the Experience, and here, to help manifest some of the goals that I dream of crushing for the new year, I decided to share them with you Pretty Birds, including the Law of Attraction.


In 2018, I would like to be more present in everything I experience.

I have always been very connected to my surroundings, often feeling the magic of life in a sometimes euphorically-intense way. But recently, due to the nature of my work and the demands of 24-7 connectivity, I have naturally become somewhat detached – I imagine this is true for any of you, as well.

This year, I want to decrease the filter that social media and digital publishing places on life and immerse myself more profoundly in the moment. 2018 will bless us with the growth and evolution of many grassroots organizations anchored around positive change, as well as an ever-growing level of consciousness in society. I want to be fully present to experience the great energy that flows out of these movements aimed at fostering change and 360 degree tolerance.

I also want to be more present in my relationships with my friends and family. My relationships have always been important to me, but as I mentioned earlier, the demanding nature of my work limits my ability to connect fully – there is always a digital object in hand, or a photo-op to capture. Those gorgeous heart-to-hearts have become too few and far between, and I want to take the time to really savor great big smiles, ebullient belly laughs, blushed cheeks and the brilliant twinkles that converge at the corners of joyful eyes.


In 2018, I would like to manage my life like a well-oiled machine.

One would think that I am an extremely organized person, as long as they did not know that I live with my head mostly above the clouds. That being said, I am a skilled multi-tasker (it’s gotten me where I am today), but my productivity could be on another level if I could just learn to organize my time more efficiently… or just organize my time at all.

As many of you know, we have finally moved into our new apartment. We lived in our previous home for nearly 10 years, and, towards the end, it became extremely cluttered – to the point that I realized that somewhere along the line, my husband, my son and I had become borderline hoarders.

One of the problems was that we had a lot of storage space that we inexplicably kept filling with objects. Objects that we didn’t need any more. Although basically invisible in their hiding places, this accumulation of objects really started to weigh me down during the last three years. Since I work from home, this clutter invaded my headspace and interfered with my ability to truly, freely create. Has this ever happened to you?

My promise to myself for this new home will be to organize our living space in such a way that we only hold on to things that we truly need and are currently using, the essentials.

Though Marie Kondo’s books are no longer a trend and have instead become a veritable lifestyle, if your are looking for tips on organizing your living space, her method was an insight into my hoarding ways. (Though I don’t recommend doing this around a major move, because even the most simple things will spark uncontrollable joy when you’re packing all of your life’s possessions).

At work: this is the year of Team ATPB, and success starts at the heart of the operation – even if we are a band of international contributors. Disencumbered from a cluttered heart, I will finally be able to offer the clarity in direction that our team needs in order to create the kind of content that will further grow and nourish this amazing community.


In 2018, I would like to blast All the Pretty Bird’s Productivity Sky High.

We have many exciting and long-awaited projects in the works at All The Pretty Birds, but are held back by lack of organization and cohesion. Now that I’ve cleaned house and we have added special contributor Anja Tyson to our team, there is a light at the end of the tunnel in terms of letting ATPB grow the way it should. I hope you have noticed the improvements over these past short months, and though we have a very long road ahead of us, 2018 is the year we find our rocket fuel and blast into the stars to bring you engaging, exciting, unique content. Stay tuned and thank you for your endless support.


In 2018, I will become that strong woman that I have always longed to be.

Self-care continues to be a top priority as I push myself to a higher level of strength.

I’ve mentioned here before that I suffer from bouts of anxiety and panic attacks. Over the last few years I’ve overcome many of the gremlins that trigger my nervousness. However, I still suffer from moments of worry, specifically related to things that I cannot control, and I want to reduce those episodes even further.

I would also like to begin to meditate. I know: how have I not mastered this practice already? Probably because my headspace was filled with the clutter from my apartment. I look forward to using meditation as a tool to achieve mindfulness, to increase my clarity and to alleviate some of my anxiety.

When it comes to physical activity, I intend to master a series of disciplines that I have been working on for the last few years, specifically in the areas of strength and resistance training, several key yoga poses, and the more grueling TRX and battle ropes exercises. Recently, I’ve started the practice of asking for a rating of my performance at the end of my session with my personal trainer. He has never given me more than an 8/10. I want 2018 to be the year that I consistently score 10s when I am in the gym. The effort that I put into a workout can easily be applied to my everyday life experiences. Perseverance, stamina and resistance are all valuable tools when you’re met with life’s toughest challenges. Being able to tap into your personal reservoir of strength is invaluable, especially when your true ambition is to conquer the world.

Pretty Birds, this is our year. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fantastic ride.

Here is a selection of things that I’d love to wear as I set out on my 2018 journey.
What will you be wearing?


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Photographer: Eleonora Adani
My outfit details:
Fendi look
– Mateo NY Gold and Onyx Circle Earrings


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