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The 2018 Fashion Goals Our Editors Are Making

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday January 3rd 2018

2018 Fashion Goals

With the eternally renewed optimism brought on by the start of a new year (nowhere to go but up after last year, right guys?), I always like to make some resolutions for the months ahead.  But to be honest, I’ve never really thought to make changes to my personal style.

As another year goes by that sees me grow a little older and, hopefully, wiser, I’ve decided that my standard aspirations to be healthier, work harder, and finally get around to handling my monthly accounting like an adult just won’t cut it. Sure, they are all things that I still hope to accomplish in the coming year, but to balance out the grown up intimidation of those lofty constant goals, I thought this year I’d throw something a bit more fun and attainable into the mix: a style upgrade.  And for some inspiration, I asked for the help of a few familiar faces from the ATPB gang.

Below, we chat about our biggest style hopes for 2018. Here’s to you Pretty Birds, and to a stylish New Year!


Tamu McPherson Chief Lover

Over the past few years I’ve had the opportunity to acquire some truly outstanding pieces in my closet. This year, however, my resolution will be to repeat items in my wardrobe more frequently. I have favorites that I always wear (don’t we all), but there are some great gems that I neglect. I believe wearing them more often will help me step up my styling game and avoid falling into a rut.

  • 2018 Fashion Goals
    Staud Moreau Macrame and Leather Bucket Bag


Roki Prunali Brand and Business Director, Wellness Editor 

Being on the taller side, my hesitation to purchase heels stems from the fact that I feel like a giraffe walking on stilts. Unstable to say the least. So, obviously, I opt for the comfort and practicality of flats. In 2018, since the spare room in my shoe closet needs to be filled (not), I will force myself to buy heels and try to not worry about what I look like while walking.

  • 2018 Fashion Goals
    Jimmy Choo Maine 100 Suede Boots


Jessie Ajluni Fashion/Market Editor

As an editor and stylist I am constantly surrounded by, and reporting on, the latest and greatest fashion trends of a given season. An unfortunate side effect of this is that by the time these styles actually hit the market, I am bored with them and never really invest in anything new. With a wardrobe full of staples, this year I am going bold and injecting some statement-making stand out pieces into my closet. Wish me luck!

  • 2018 Fashion Goals
    Rixo London Coco Sequined Tulle Midi Dress


Michela Marra Beauty Editor 

The word feminine doesn’t often come up when describing my personal style. So, for my 2018 resolution, I will be broadening my horizons and investing in more skirts. I’m hoping that these ladylike pieces will add something new to my personal look, which is sometimes too basic.

  • 2018 Fashion Goals
    Topshop Woodland Jacquard Mini Skirt


Anja Tyson Special Contributor

The worst thing that ever happened to me was moving into my current apartment, which has a basement. Magically, I now have a place to hide the decade-and-a-half of ready to wear and accessories that I have accumulated, and beneath my feet they sit while I poke through Net-a-porter’s final sale pages late at night, asking myself “Maybe I do need a new crop top/flamenco skirt/ballgown?”

My resolution this year is to be more discerning with what I add to my already packed wardrobe. I’m only investing in the big ones this year, and at the end of 2018 I am donating everything else to a women’s charity.

  • 2018 Fashion Goals
    Chloe Wool And Cashmere Blend Trench Coat

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