Shoesday Tuesday: 18 Bright and Sparkly New Year’s Eve Shoes

by Tamu McPherson


18 Bright and Sparkly New Year’s Eve Shoes By Tamu McPherson

From the moment you slide them on, you have to feel the MAGIC. Bright, sparkly New Year’s Eve shoes. It’s been a tough year and we’ve spent too much time feeling blue. And this New Year’s Eve can be the moment where we stomp away all of the negativity associated with Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency and his baffling win, along with the many other sad events that occurred in 2016. It can be a moment where we dance, shimmy, walk hard, glide smoothly, float like butterflies, twerk (your body is your own), embrace our respective cultural rhythms (celebrating life through movement is a wonderful thing), to usher in the New Year with a collective energy, sparked by our feet touching the pavement and grounding us in LOVE. Now, you don’t need fancy shoes to do all this (your bare feet are just fine), but a bright and sparkly pair will make the revelry so much more fun. Here’s a selection of 18 of the most gorgeous New Year’s Eve worthy shoes. Click the images to shop what you love, or just dream about dancing the last night of the year away in them. And hope to see you on a dance floor real soon!

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