12 messy updos to inspire your wedding day hair


12 messy updos to inspire your wedding day hair

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Michela Marra | Wednesday March 14th 2018

Ah, that slightly messy updo that I used to wear during high school, set with clips, pens and pencils so it would stay in place during class. As an adult, I still fall back on this after doing aerobics or letting my hair dry out of the pool. The messy updohas always been my hairs trusted ally, and so imagine my happiness to find that messy updos are back in style, or at least thats what a Pinterest survey has established. Searches for these keywords have increased by over 1200% in 2018. The second bit of news that I find interesting is that these searches are linked to a second keyword: wedding. This confirms that future brides are tired of wearing the usual chignon and are looking something purposely imperfect that exudes boho-chic allure and is easy to manage during the festivities. Basically, this translates as an updo thats easy to manage during the post-ceremony party’.  A few loose strands of hair on the sides wont at all look like the style is coming undone. On the contrary! And the fun new twist is embellishing with ribbons, vintage jewels and small flowers that have a bohemian allure and will add a special finishing touch. Are you looking for an updo thats comfortable yet cool? Here are some looks for you to check out!

Messy Updo With a High Chignon
This look is recommended fif you like leaving loose strands on either side of your face. If youre feeling wild at the end of the evening, you can always transform your chignon into a classic ponytail.

Messy Updo With a Low Chignon
This one is more similar to a classic chignon. It is styled to ensure a softer structure, and its perfect even if your hair isnt very long.

Messy Updo With Accessories
This one is our favorite. Our advice: accent with a vintage jewel to replicate what is currently one of the hottest trends.

Messy Updo With Braids
For those who won’t give up their braids, even on the big day.

Credit ph: Pinterest

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