12 Books That You Need For Your Coffee Table

by Kristi Veliaj

12 Books That You Need For Your Coffee Table By Kristi Veliaj

When it comes to buying books for my coffee table, money seems to have no value compared to the beauty of these works of art. I remember since I was a small chubby kid, my mother would always give me a ride to the book shop and leave me alone with the photography volumes of nature and whatever was my interest at the time. I have such an obsession with printed paper and  precious books, and maybe that’s the reason why I’ve decided to fill every inch of my apartment with books.

I also like to thumb through a good book with someone special, maybe with a glass of wine or a boiling cup of coffee. It is always exciting to go book shopping and I find it super relaxing, at times glamorous. Lately I’ve gone bananas for big volumes of fashion photography or some icon’s biography. Find here my selection of volumes and what I think you can’t miss out on. Which one would you like to add to your coffee table Pretty Birds?

  • 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers


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