11 Superb Maxi Dresses to Maximize Your Summer

by Tamu McPherson

I found this spectacular maxi dress at a Bottega Veneta sample sale last fall. Upon seeing it on the sales rack, I immediately planned to wear it during the Christmas holidays. It would look gorgeous layered over a paper-thin cashmere turtleneck or long sleeve “t”.
If you think it’s maxi now, you should have seen it before I had it shortened at the tailors. Yes, yes, it would have been seriously splendid towering over a great pair of Amina Muaddi platforms, but now-a-days I often find myself in the mood to explore the world in a selection of my favorite flats.
More specifically, when summer maxi dresses come to mind for Summer 2019, I only see them with flats. There is something so chic about how maxi dresses sightly graze the ground as a flat sandal emerges from billows of fabric like mine does in the image above. Plus, there is the added benefit of maximum comfort. You how much I love a high heel, but I also love walking for hours unlimited by pinches our burns to my toes or sole.
Well, as often is the case for these kinds of personal errands, it took me six months to make it to the tailors (with 10  other pieces in an oversized Gucci shopper). Thankfully it was ready for my trip to Rome for Bulgari’s “The Story, The Dream” exhibition inauguration. Here are I am leaving the Basilica of Santa Maria in Piazza Del Popolo. It was truly the perfect dress for our press tours that afternoon.

summer maxi dresses

In case you’re searching for the perfect maxi dresses for your summer adventures, I’ve selected 11 of my current favorites for you. I’m always so interested in discovering whether you’ve been inspired by our fashion edits and in how you ultimately style them. Please drop us a line, or tag us on Instagram when you wear something we’ve selected for you!

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Images by Kimberley Ross

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