10 tips for a stress-free return


10 tips for a stress-free return

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Michela Marra | Friday August 11th 2017

10 tips for a stress-free return

For someone summer has already been shelved and it’s time to get back to the usual routine. The beauty habits, however, are changing. It’s time for regenerating scrubs and nourishing creams to fight skin dehydration and – why not – to highlight your tan. The final goal? Try to keep all the benefits of summer by taking care of the skin at the same time. We can help you with the selection of certain must and some useful tips.

Caudalie Eau de Beauté

Made 100% from natural ingredients, high tolerance and rich in essential oils, it works instantly: a splash is sufficient to visibly narrow pores, smooth features , give yourself a boost of energy and if you are returning from holidays by plane, to protect the skin from dehydration.

LPG Soin Sublimateur de Peau

This CC body Cream has a formula rich in active ingredients that permit to hide skin imperfections, promote the destocking of fats, smoothen cellulite and sublimate the skin’s appearance.

Oraser® Correcting Hand and Body Scrub by Zo Skin Health

It exfoliates dry skin to smooth texture and immediately leave hands and body smooth and silky.  Restores lipids, improves skin barrier, and helps prevent moisture loss. In addition, it contains antioxidants and redness reducers to help the skin look renewed. Rub on hands and body, damp or dry, in a circular motion for 30 seconds and let the product on for a minute to allow the absorption of the oils and moisturizers. Rinse with water and dry dabbing at.

Huile Sublime Tan Visage & Corps SPF6 by Eisenberg

This body oil reveals a sublime, soft and hydrated skin, as well as tanned, divinely protected and fragrant. It contains Camelina oil, one of the oldest vegetable oils, rich in essential fatty acids and belonging to the family of polyunsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6. Finally, vitamin E offers an antioxidant action and an additional protection against solar ultraviolet rays.

Crème de Jour SPF 50 by Eisenberg

It is a facial treatment which combines last generation filters, whose effectiveness is increased by vitamin E, for an antioxidant and protective action. Floral extract of Bellis Perennis and vitamin C help to prevent the onset of brown spots and help achieve a uniform and perfect complexion.

Lancaster Tan Maximizer Soothing Maximizer Face & Body

It is a fresh and not greasy after Sun cream. It contains a tan activator, the Tan Activator Complex that allows the tan to last longer. Used daily, it leaves the skin silky soft, soothed and hydrated.

Artic Shower Foam by EuPhidra

It contains extract of Lichen of Iceland in addition to the properties of caffeine. A burst of refreshing energy to start the day.


Yes to a regular sleep: sleep at least 7/8 hours per night and possibly go to bed and get up always at the same time, to get used to the pace of work.

Pay attention to nutrition: choose a healthy and balanced diet, free of fat and low salt if possible (to be replaced with spices) to reduce water retention.

To promote relaxation and relieve return stress, engage in physical activities like yoga, Pilates and gymnastics to rebalance your body.

Take time to yourselves even through meditation or reading a good book.

Account for some days of rest prior to the effective date of return. The goal is that to get back to reality is the least traumatic as possible.

As long as the weather permits, stay outdoors as much as possible: even office workers can take advantage of the lunch break to spend a moment outdoors.


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