10 Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

by Team ATPB

Lazy Tips for radiant skin


The problem with being a super busy woman and therefore not having enough time to do anything lazy is that rather often things are left undone, or, even worse, are done wrong. Since I was young, people have told me, “if you want to be beautiful, you have to make sacrifices,” but I have always found this concept very sexist and most often responded that “I have no intention to suffer for anyone.” In truth, the point is not to make sacrifices to appear beautiful and try to become what society imposes as being aesthetically pleasing. The point is to take care of yourself, even when you are inclined not to or because you are overburdened with work. For example, getting off the couch after a long day to do a body scrub or even remove your makeup before going to sleep (I confess, I’ve let that last one slip a lot in the last couple of weeks). Follow these lazy tips for radiant skin and relax into your new skincare routine!


10 Lazy Tips For Radiant Skin

The good news is that you can safely bask in momentary or sudden laziness and, at the same time, take care of your skin. For example, you can put on a face mask while watching your favorite series on Netflix or even drink a depurative herbal tea while you are on the couch reading your favorite book. There are so many ways to give your skin TLC and make it shine without a a lot of effort. Here is a small guide for Lazy Girls like me that want beautiful and luminous skin, but without all the impossible steps you know you will never do.


1. Operation Easy Makeup Remover

Luminous skin has to be perfectly clean. How can you do that? Buy makeup remover wipes and place them in more than one spot in your house. Place them on your nightstand or side table next to your couch. You can also do the same with your moisturizing or brightening cream. Try choosing an airless product or one with a pump, so all you need is just one pump for the right amount of cream.

Makeup Remover Products to Try:

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

Dude Sea Salt & Aloe Unscented Face Wipes for Sensitive Skin 

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

Yes To® Coconut Hydrate & Restore 30-Count Cleansing Wipes 


2. Opt For a Cleansing Oil Before Bed

Oil detergents are a fantastic 3-in-1 product. Just one pass over your skin and you have removed the makeup, cleansed, and hydrated! Then you are ready for a relaxing sleep.

Cleansing Oil Products to Try:

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil 

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

White Marble Cleansing Oil di Erno Laszlo 

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

Julep Travel Size Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil 


3. Always Get Two

How many times have you broken your beauty routine because you ran out of the right product? The solution is to always get more than one container of your favorite brightening cream. If one is on your vanity, the other can be in your purse or gym bag. That way, there is never an excuse and you can always be fully stocked with your cherished products (and skip a few trips to the store).


4. Homemade Scrub

Scrubs help remove dead skin cells, free your pores, oxygenate your epidermis, and reactivate your blood circulation. There are tons quick and simple fixes that you can even prepare at home. Here is a super easy one to try: mix a teaspoon of sugar with 3 tablespoons of olive oil and almond oil and two tablespoons of honey. Blend the ingredients and then massage the mixture onto your damp skin, moving your fingers in a circular motion. The smaller the granules, the more delicate the scrub will be.


5. Clean Your Phone

As seen in so many recent studies, on the touchscreen of our devices tons of germs and bacteria accumulate that then quickly transfer to our face, thanks to our fingers. The secret is to always clean your telephone with an antibacterial wipe. You can even do it while you are catching up with your boo at the end of the day. There is nothing easier when it comes to protecting your skin (and therefore making it healthier and brighter).


6. Add One More Glass of Water

Our skin is heavily influenced by our eating habits. In order for it to be even more gorgeous, simply drink more water. It helps to transport nutrient and eliminate toxins that cause inflammation and imperfections. Feel like drinking water is a bothersome task? Try adding a little flavor to your water, even just a piece a fruit. The alternative would be a green or mint tea (without added sugar!).


7. Purify

Alcohol? No thank you. Reduce sweets and food high in fat as well, because they tend to dull your skin – under eye bags or less-toned skin are normally the consequences. A quick solution for a Lazy Girl: add lemon juice to a glass of room temperature water and drink the whole thing first thing in the morning with nothing in your stomach (keeping this habit for at least a week). You will notice the difference on your body and skin right away.


8. Want a Snack? Opt For a Juice!

Easy and fast to prepare: if you want a quick snack, pick a fresh juice full of green leafy vegetables, because they are rich in substances that will calm your skin.


9. Use Highlighting Cream

Even makeup has an important role in making your skin brighter, and all you need is just two minutes to get the perfect glow. Tap the brightening cream in the center of your cheekbones, on the temples, on the sides of your nose, above your lip and on your neckline to create points of light that give brightness to your overall face.

Try these Highlighting Cream Products:

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

The Guardian Angel Cream Highlighter Kevyn Aucoin 

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

Benefit Cosmetics Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Cream Highlighter 

Lazy Tips for Radiant Skin

Cream Glow Highlighter by Bobbi Brown 


10. The Best Advice: Sleep!

Great news for us Lazy Girls: good sleep = stunning skin. Not only is it a good habit to prevent bags under your eyes, at night our bodies put into action all its repairing processes that are visible on our skin. Eight hours is the right amount: how many hours do you sleep?


What are your favorite lazy tips for radiant skin care, pretty birds?


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