10 Gorgeous Smokey Eyes to Copy Right Now


10 Gorgeous Smokey Eyes to Copy Right Now

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Michela Marra | Wednesday February 21st 2018

A pencil, a couple of eye shadows, two brushes (a flat one and one for smudging) and as much mascara as you like: it really takes very little to create the perfect smokey eye. A lot of friends and colleagues are convinced that an impeccable smudged eye makeup look is difficult to achieve… “You need to be an expert,” “You can do it because you always wear makeup/you’re used to it/you know the best makeup artists and they give you tips.” These are a few of the things my friends often say to me. Ok, part of that is true: I am passionate about makeup so it’s only natural for me to experiment with it. It is also true that being backstage at so many shows and having interviewed so many experts has inevitably helped me perfect my skills. However, dear Pretty Birds, let me say that with just a bit of effort you can learn anything, including how to create amazing an smokey eye. Here are some basic rules to follow in order to create a makeup look that screams WOW!  

Apply a base eyeshadow all over your top lid using a soft bristle brush in order to spread the powder quickly and evenly.

Color the inner lash lines — top and bottom — with a kajal pencil (one with a soft tip). Then, draw a rather thick line with eyeliner, especially on the outermost corner and quickly smudge using a brush (you can also do this with your finger!).

Apply dark eyeshadow on to the smudged part, starting from the line you drew. In the inner corner of your eyes, you can reapply the base eyeshadow or you can add either a touch of color or a light, bright eyeshadow.

Apply a generous amount of mascara to lashes to add even more depth to your gaze!

So, are you going to test this technique using classic black or will you opt for different colors? Here are 10 smokey eyes definitely worth trying!

1) Brown tone smokey eyes
Draw a line along the upper lash line using a dark eye liner pencil (black or brown) and smudge using a brown eyeshadow. Apply a bit of color over the upper arch using gold powder in order to open up your gaze.

2) Burgundy smokey eyes
Be like Selena Gomez: opt for a blend of colors ranging from red to burgundy and enhance your look with a pair of fake eyelashes.

3) Bicolor smokey eyes
An unusual blend of color (inspired by New York runways), for special occasions only.

4) Soft smudge
Hailey Rhode Baldwin chose a truly sophisticated finish for her eyes: add an illuminating powder to your eyelids to create an even more pronounced glowing effect.

5) Pink&Orange
Smudge pink shadow around your eye contour up to the static part of your eyelid. Then, using a flat-tipped brush, apply orange powder to the center of your mobile eyelid. The finish will be truly catchy!

6) Dark bicolor
Choose two different colored eyeshadows for the upper lash line and mobile eyelid. A stroke of black, matte eyeliner will further define your makeup (to be applied after having smudged your eyeshadow).

7) Classic black
So what’s the twist on these black smokey eyes? Using an angled brush, draw two parallel lines extending from the inner corner of your eye towards the outer corner of your upper and lower lash lines.

8) Blue smokey
Gigi Hadid’s makeup on the runways last season was hypnotic. To recreate the look, smudge eye pencil and eyeshadow only on the upper part of your eye, leaving the lower lash line clean.

9) A touch of gold
To make these smokey eyes look special, add gold powder to the eye lid and to the inner and outer tips of where your makeup is smudged, moving towards the static part of your eyelid.

10) Green eye makeup
Why not try using green? You can add depth by blending some black between your static and mobile eyelid.

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