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Today’s Love: Tata Harper Skincare

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Tamu McPherson | Friday November 16th 2012


It’s been a pretty rough week on my end: jet lag and achy bones on Monday, imposing work deadlines on Tuesday; a 2-hour-long traffic jam which resulted in an overzealous taxi driver tapping my car, slightly detaching my bumper and driving off with my headlight cap on Wednesday; a spicy-ramen  noodle that flew in my mascara-defined left eye on Thursday (felt worse than sand and don’t ask how it happened); and fresh mozzarella that spilled onto my navy cashmere coat this afternoon. So happy this week is over. And soooo happy that I picked up some Tata Harper Skincare products at TenOverSix last week when I was in L.A.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, Tata Harper’s  Revitalizing Body Oil and Hydrating Floral Essence are exactly the type of pampering that I needed to get through this week. I’ve been using predominantly natural skincare products for the last few years over concerns about the safety of the chemicals used in non-natural products.

I love the Revitalizing Body Oil. Even though my husband says that it smells like medicine, I find its fragrance dynamically refreshing. It gives me the little kick that I need in the morning to get my day started, and calms me in the evening before bed. And it works like magic. Not at all oily, it absorbs smoothly, leaving your skin feeling soft and velvety.  I’ve been addicted since this Summer.

It’s my first time using the Hydrating Floral Essence (Moisturizing Toner). So far I really like it. It’s such a refreshing way to keep your face hydrated throughout the day, and wake yourself up if your feeling a little tired and in risk of your face landing on your keyboard at work.

Thank god it’s Friday and thank goodness for Tata Harper Skincare. Have a great weekend! Tamu

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