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The Bowie Effect

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday January 25th 2017

The Bowie Effect

The Bowie Effect By Jessie Ajluni

There are few people in this world that have affected both men and women’s style as comprehensively as the late, great David Bowie. With a little over a year since his passing now upon us, I thought it fitting to pay tribute to someone who so effortlessly crushed gender norms with fashion, creating an iconic look that is now a mainstay staple among designers and pop stars alike.

 My first introduction to the legend that is Bowie was as a child watching him cavort and seduce throughout the length of Jim Henson’s cult classic, Labyrinth. Which is, to this day one of my greatest guilty pleasure films. Even though Bowie played the Evil Goblin King Jareth, there was something bewitching to his presence that even as a child, I found magnetic. The effortless ease with which he wore both masculine and feminine silhouettes and styles, melding them into a perfect milieu of androgyny was something special. High shine pieces, ruffled blouses, tight leather pants, wide leg jumpsuits, and epic platforms are just some of the key styles to snatch when trying to recreate some of his “more is more” style. So whether you want to live your inner space oddity or feel fab while under pressure, look no further than the legendary Bowie.  

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