Spring Spirals: Caring for Your Curls, Kinks, & More


Spring Spirals: Caring for Your Curls, Kinks, & More

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Janell M. Hickman | Wednesday May 17th 2017

Spring Spirals: Caring for Your Curls, Kinks, & More 

Ladies, we’ve made it out of winter’s treacherous claw and finally landed into spring’s grace. However, warmer weather often brings a few more challenges, especially when it comes to your texture – whether that’s bone-straight strands or carefree curls. The rules of maintaining your spring style can vary from learning what works for your texture all the way down to knowing what products to use.  To assist you on your journey, we spoke to two lauded experts to take the mystery out of getting your curls to cooperate once and for all. Scroll down for some must-have advice you’ll wonder how you lived without.

Co-Wash and Condition Constantly

The not-so secret hair secret? “The key to healthy hair is a clean, healthy scalp,” explains licensed cosmetologist and Carol’s Daughter squad member, Cataanda James. “Naturals should co-wash and condition their hair at least once a week.” She also recommends using a traditional shampoo at least once a month followed by a hair mask for deeper penetration.
Editor’s Pick: We love CD’s Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Sulfate-Free Shampoo followed by their Rhassoul Clay Softening Hair Mask.

Your Texture Determines Your Moisturizing Routine
How often you should moisturize truly depends on the texture of your hair, explains celebrity hair stylist and author of “Hair Rules,” Anthony Dickey.  “A person with a 2 or 3 grade of hair can go a longer time without moisturizing, but a person with type 4 hair or tighter curls need to make sure they’re moisturizing the hair often so that it isn’t drying out.”
Editor’s Pick: To lock in moisture, try Hair Rules Quench ConditionerBut, think beyond wash day when thinking about keeping your curls hydrated. “A good leave in conditioner also comes in handy— this will seal in the moisture following your wash (and days in between),” says Dickey.

Switch Up Your Style

We’ve been there, your Sunday night twist-out came out a little less than lackluster and now the clock is ticking. Instead of starting from scratch, try a glam pin-up look. “All you need is a couple small bobby pins,” Dickey explains. “Pin ups are great because you can still have that curl, or some of that curl with some structure. It’s an easy, sophisticated and timeless look.”

Use Heat Protectants, They’re Vital
Listen, we get it—curly girls want to switch it up too from kinky to straight with ease. But rushing your blow-dry can leave lasting damage impacting the integrity of your hair. “Prep the hair with a leave-in smoothing cream or heat protectant spray prior to the blowout,” says James.“This will help to smooth strands and tame frizz for long lasting wear to ensure your press and curl lasts through humidity and rain.”  

Editor’s Pick: Chi Keratin Mist works great to protect and prevent your delicate strands from heat damage.

Don’t Turn Up The Heat

James, who works with former four-time boxing world champion Laila Ali, is a firm believer in the occasional blow-out—as long as it’s not done improperly. Remember, over styling with flat or curling irons can fry your ends. “Knowing how much heat your hair can take without ruining your curls is the basis for saving your curl pattern,” says James. “When seeking a hairstylist for this service please do your research! Knowing their level of expertise in working with your hair type/texture will save the life of your curls. Once you’ve endured heat damage the only remedy to your curls snapping back is none other than…the CUT life!”

S.O.S. (Save Your Style)

Take the drama out of your morning by planning ahead the night before. Say sayonara to your old scarf and get ready to embrace an old-school bonnet at bedtime. “The larger the bonnet the better,” explains James. “It won’t manipulate your curls or disturb your style.” Plus, it helps prevent against excess breakage and dehydration. “This is why a bonnet totally has your back, literally!”
Editor’s Pick: We can’t get enough of Bonnie Love’s fashion-forward options.

Style maintenance can seem difficult but it all depends on your hair’s length. “For someone with medium length or longer hair the ‘pineapple method’ will help to preserve your curl overnight,” explains Dickey. “When doing the pineapple method you want to scoop all that hair towards the front and secure it with a bigger headband.” Those with shorter hair can embrace a bonnet (see above) or sleep on a satin pillow case.


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