Six Super Fast, Super Glam Makeup Looks for Those of You Who Are Always in a Rush


Six Super Fast, Super Glam Makeup Looks for Those of You Who Are Always in a Rush

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Michela Marra | Wednesday February 22nd 2017

Six Super Fast, Super Glam Makeup Looks for Those of You Who Are Always in a Rush by Michela Marra

Let’s not give up makeup, despite always being in a rush: we modern Wonder Women want to enhance our beauty even when we haven’t got much time. For example, when Fashion Month starts, we are running around from backstage to shows to events in the city, so we need a long-lasting beauty look that is also easy-to-do. If you too are always on a tight schedule, dear Pretty Birds, take our advice. Here are six beauty looks complete with tips that will help you recreate them.

Eyeliner + Lipstick

The most classic makeup look, it suites all faces and situations perfectly. What to do: choose a eyeliner pen because it’s foolproof. For lips, choose a luminous or glossy lipstick, it’s easier and faster to apply compared to matte lipstick. If you’ve got a minute to spare: apply some gold eyeshadow to your eyelids when you want to create a precious finish. We recommend using an eyeshadow stick.

Closeup On Lips

If you are a lipstick addict, spend more time adding color to your lips. We suggest choosing a bright shade and a lipstick that has a velvety matte finish. Outline your lips carefully with a lip liner in the same color and don’t forget to comb your lashes for a clean gaze. If you’ve got a minute to spare: you can draw a coloured line along your lash line to add depth to your gaze.

Soft Smokey Eyes

We here at ATPB are fans of smokey eyes. The classic shade is very black, but we also suggest trying a shade that’s out of the ordinary, for example, purple, especially if you’ve got light eyes. If you are just learning or you don’t have much time, remember all you need to do is trace along your top lash line using a kajal pencil and then smudge it with a small brush. For a super feminine look, don’t forget to go over the inner part of your lower lash line using your kajal pencil. If you’ve got a minute to spare: brush lips with a liquid lipstick that has a luminous finish. Our advice: choose for a nude pink beige shade during the day and opt for an intense red for evenings or parties!

Caramel Makeup

When in doubt, choose warm tones for your eye makeup like bronze, gold or caramel. First apply a layer of powder or cream shadow over your entire eyelid (you can choose a neutral tone or one that’s lighter), then apply the darker powder towards the corner of your eye. You can also try smudging a kohl pencil along your eye contour, like in the look described above. Don’t forget to add a luminous touch to the inner part of your eye contour. If you’ve got a minute to spare: choose a pink or beige lipstick.

Nude Makeup

It sounds like the easiest look to replicate, but nude makeup actually requires a lot of time because you have to work on contours and volume. To capture the natural radiance of your face, however, all you need to do is follow three quick steps: illuminator on your cheekbones, philtrum, nose and forehead, super hydrated lips stained with sheer lipstick, brushed brows and black mascara.

If you’ve got a minute to spare: focus on eyes and choose a color to match. Even a simple dusting of light pink eyeshadow will suffice.

Ps: Each one of us has different skin with different characteristics. Don’t hold off on foundation or BB cream as these will help create a base that will allow your makeup to last for the entire day. Everything will be easier if you follow a daily beauty routine that pampers your skin, including facial masks, hydrating creams and also solutions that will make your face more luminous.

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