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Shoesday Tuesday: Over-The-Top Loafers

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Jessie Ajluni | Tuesday February 21st 2017

Over-The- Top Loafers

Shoesday Tuesday: Over-The- Top Loafers By Jessie Ajluni

As I near my 10-year mark required to be considered an official New Yorker, I find that it has taken me almost as long to work out my go to city wardrobe. As a petite woman, reaching just five feet on a good day, I have always been self-conscious of my height. In an industry filled to bursting with larger-than-life girl bosses and strong, independent ladies, feeling small has severe disadvantages. To combat this, my go-to in the beginning was to wear towering heels. I’m talking no less than 4 to 5 inches. Let’s face it platforms have always been my safety blanket.

However, as any of you pretty birds that either live in NYC or have visited know, that just isn’t practical.  So, beginning a quest to find a take-charge stylish shoe AND allowed for getting around the city comfortably, seemed like a daunting task. For a while nothing came of this, department store after department store, I couldn’t find a shoe that felt like me. Sure, there were lovely flats, but too many years spent in too high of heels lead to everything just feeling off. Until the day I walked into Barney’s, low and behold, there sat the most beautiful, sleek loafers from The Row. Once I had them on my feet, it was love. Not only were they easy to walk around the city in and spend all day running around on set at a photo-shoot, but they also instantly elevated my wardrobe to feel professional and cool, the perfect thing to wear on a weekend getaway or a high-pressure client meeting. Besides, if it is good enough for the Olsen’s surely it could work for me.  For more fabulous loafers check out the images below.


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