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Shoesday Tuesday: Raffia Footwear

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Jessie Ajluni | Tuesday May 2nd 2017

Raffia Footwear

About this time every year, just when the warm breezes of summer carry with them a promise of sunny beach days, I go on a shoe-buying binge that leaves both my credit card and husband in tears. Without fail, one of the types of shoes that I always make sure to include in my hot weather footwear haul is raffia.

This summer shoe staple has been gracing ladies feet for decades, but each year designers seem to find new ways to use this grassy textile to create the most lust-worthy of heels, espadrilles, and flats around.  One of my favorites of the season is a sporty Balenciaga number that would be perfect with either a jean cutoff and tee or bathing suit. So, whether you are hitting the beach in style or pounding the pavement of warm city streets, you can be sure that your summer wardrobe will be ready with this adorable roundup of the best in raffia footwear below.

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