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Shoesday Tuesday: Feathered Footwear

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Jessie Ajluni | Tuesday February 14th 2017

Feathered Footwear

Shoesday Tuesday: Feathered Footwear By Jessie Ajluni

From peacocks to pheasants and this feathery favorite has been a boudoir mainstay  since the days of style icon Marilyn Monroe (who could forget those kitten heel beauties in Seven Day Itch?). But, unlike their vintage predecessors, modern day feathered footwear has seen a major overhaul and now have that perfect cool factor to backup the style’s natural sex appeal.

With the addition of exotic plumage, unexpected embellishments, and casual silhouettes, anything goes with this flirty trend. You can easily find the perfect shoes to pair with a tee and jeans while also having no trouble matching to that slinky cocktail dress you’ve been saving. So, go ahead, spice up even the most boring look and get ready to strut your stuff. Because really, if you’re going to peacock, at least do it right.  Check out the images below for all of our Marabou must haves.

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