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Shoesday Tuesday: Bows

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Jessie Ajluni | Tuesday February 7th 2017


Shoesday Tuesday: Bows By Jessie Ajluni

We here at All The Pretty Birds are no strangers to sharing the love when it comes to bow-embellished shoes but, sometimes, when you find something that is so right and so on trend you just have to give it a little extra love. That’s exactly what designers are doing this season with these pretty-as-a-present pieces. Not exactly a groundbreaking trend, but never the less it is one that is as timeless as it is fun, for today’s Shoesday Tuesday post we are chatting all about those bows, part deux!

 One part ultra fem the other enchantingly whimsical these bold styles aren’t your granny’s footwear. Designers are finding more and more unique ways to incorporate these classic adornments. Take these gorgeous multi-tire bowed boots from Marco De Vincenzo or the color-blocked confection from Alexandre Birman both feel fresh and new but with just enough vintage flare at the same time.  So what are you waiting for? Are you all tied up? Check out our roundup of favorite ribbon footwear by clicking on the images below.

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