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Rainbow Brights

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday February 22nd 2017

Rainbow Brights

As the glorious days of spring inch closer and closer I find that I have a growing need for these grey, icy days to be as far away as possible. Without fail, during these final days of winter I reach a critical point every year. A kind of annual epiphany which finds myself realizing that I am in a style rut fueled by frustration with the cold and wet and uninspired by the sheer amount of dark coats and sweater combos that have made up my wardrobe these past 3 months.  To combat this, I find myself gravitating towards bold rainbow hues from designers like Gucci, Stella McCartney and Mugler.

Bright color combinations that feel more Lisa Frank and Rainbow Bright than my normal black-on-black style can seem a bit intimidating.  The key to keep from looking too cartoonish is to pair these boisterous hues with more subtle accents such as denim. Deftly mixing the loud and the everyday to create the perfect combo of whimsy and cool.  For the most coveted items check out our round up of the perfect rainbow pieces below.


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