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Staying Sane
Roki Prunali

Lose the Baggage, Keep Your Sanity: Ending the Year on A High Note

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It’s December 14th and so my inbox is full of motivational newsletters about how to tackle the usual end of the year stressors.  The one I read most recently was from the lifestyle site goop, and for the most part, the problems at hand felt pretty standard – “too many holiday parties to attend!”, “end of year work deadlines!”, and just the genera burnout we all feel come December. I was drawn to the title because honestly, my year’s end has been an absolute disaster, and possibly finding out how others were coping piqued my interest.  My life was recently turned upside down in the space of a week – a decade’s worth of challenges in just 168 hours. Forget “too many gifts but, not enough time” – how do you stay sane through the most difficult of life’s challenges?

Tamu McPherson

Holiday Dressing: The Simple Power of a Slip Dress and a Great Blazer

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You’ve been running around for the last two weeks, holiday shopping and tending to end of the year obligations, and you are frankly a bit tired and, at this point just focused on getting yourself through the home stretch. Tonight you want to feel chic, put together, but dressed for an evening that could easily extend past midnight and well into that point of exhaustion where you know you’ll be removing your make-up in bed that night with an Ogee facial cleansing cloth. As you browse through your dresses, silk skirts, leather everything, sequins and feather adornments, you repeatedly eye your blazers and slip dresses.

Person of the Year
Debra Brown

In the News This Week

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Each Wednesday, we recap the most important headlines from our global community to keep you up to speed on world news.

Targeted Journalists Have Been Chosen for Time Person of the Year. Time magazine has chosen “The Guardians,” a group of journalists who have been targeted for their work, as Person of the Year.


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