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Nola Darling
She's Gotta Have It Comes to Netflix!

The Return of Nola Darling

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This Thanksgiving, Spike Lee is bringing to Netflix his miniseries adaptation of his first feature film, She’s Gotta Have It, which originally premiered 31 years ago and is largely considered to have changed the landscape of black cinema as we know it.

The collective response to the series adaption has been sheer excitement. She’s Gotta Have It is lauded as a classic film that truly challenged the ideas of what representation of sexually liberated black women should look like. And I’m personally excited to see Dewanda Wise portray Nola Darling. I became a fan during the last season of “Underground” in which she played Clara, a naive and ultimately dangerous slave. She’s incredibly beautiful with a dark chocolate complexion and honey brown eyes, but more importantly she brings great depth to her characters as an actor.

Tamu McPherson

Women of the World Unite

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It has been a long week.
I seriously debated whether or not raising my voice would add any value in the great fray of voices currently raised in discussion of Harvey Weinstein and the rampant and familiar abuse of power that he represents.  Would I potentially be taking space from a woman that needs to tell her story? Would I reach an audience that does not already explicitly agree that women are not objects to be owned and manipulated, and if I did would I be able to convince them? But this week was too much, and I cannot stay silent.