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Spring Time

Seven Beauty Things for You to Do This Spring

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Seven Beauty Things for You to Do This Spring by Michela Marra

With spring arriving our bodies need to adjust to some major changes. Spring is also the best season to purify, detox and give a boost of energy to both body and mind. If you need to rearrange your lifestyle as well as your beauty routine to maximize the benefits of this time of year, take our advice and follow these seven suggestions to feel better both inside and out

Lovely Lace!

Lovely in Lace

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Lovely In Lace By Jessie Ajluni

With spring now officially upon us and temperate days and crisp nights are so close I can practically taste it. It’s now time to begin the arduous task of transitioning my cold weather wardrobe out of my closet. But, with the bright new promise of one of my favorite fashion seasons comes the opportunity to add in some lovely new additions (to my husband’s eternal frustration) to our ever-expanding closet. And this season I have set my sights on lace.