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Anja Tyson

ATPB x Black History Month

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Part 2: Dutch Wax Prints

In the 1600s, the Dutch Empire was aggressively colonizing every piece of land they could reach in the name of establishing trade ports to lay claim to regional indigenous resources. This is the era when, in earnest, Europeans began to sincerely disturb and subsequently reshape the futures of each of the territories they invaded. The process was violent and oppressive, and if you ever seek to understand the origins of the socio-political strife in many former European colonies, a great piece of the puzzle is understanding how the local cultures were impacted by the arrival of imperialists.

Roki Prunali

Mushroom Coffee- Is It Really Worth the Hype?

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All things don’t taste like pizza and cupcakes. Duh. It’s not a huge surprise that some of this health craze stuff really tastes like feet. I mean, it is healthy for a reason. Off my adaptogen high from last week, I have been sprinkling my Moon Juice Brain Dust wherever I can, and that healing potion may be revamping my insides but it is not smooth going down. So, when Anja mentioned to me that mushroom coffee does wonders (but tastes like dirt), of course I was all in. I am a sucker for pain in the name of gain. Luckily for me, the Shroom Room, the first ever mushroom coffeehouse, is located right here in Venice Beach.

Michela Marra

How Retinol Works and Can Benefit All Skin Types

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When we look at our reflection in our thirties, we start to notice our very first wrinkles, usually around the mouth or eyes. In some cases, besides fine lines, we start to notice spots or discoloration; our skin appears to have lost its turgidity and compactness. What exactly is happening? Nature is running its course, and these types of changes are perfectly normal. However, using a good anti-wrinkle cream and leading a lifestyle that will positively impact our skin is imperative. Among the variety of solutions available, you’ll come across creams and serums containing retinol.