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NYC Handbags: Brands To Know

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday April 26th 2017

One of my most favorite parts of my job working as a fashion editor in New York City is getting to meet with fantastic creators and discover new brands. More specifically, I have always had soft spot for up and coming handbag brands and see all the innovative styles they are producing and then sharing them with everyone. That’s why, for today’s post, we are rounding up a few must know brands that are sure to be on every street style stars’ arm this .

Emm Kuo

Take for example some of the great things coming from Emm Kuo. I’ve been a huge fan of the company since it was first founded in 2011. The brand’s designer, Emmaline, effortlessly combines unique materials and cooler than cool silhouettes to make a perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


On the other end of the spectrum is Mateo. This much coveted jewelry brand, has recently branched off into creating some signature handbags, the perfect accompaniment to the brands already lust-worthy jewels. The brand’s vaulted minimalism truly shines through with their bags. With clean lines and a who’s who of millennial favored color pallets. Mateo’s bags bring refinement and sophistication with just enough sass to be worn for any look.


This, of course, brings us to Hayward. The east coast meets west coast brand created by designer Marin Hopper, daughter of silver screen legend Dennis Hopper, perfectly embodies its “born in Hollywood” aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from classic Hollywood and vintage designs with the unexpected addition of modern fabrications and hardware, Hayward eschews convention and embraces an old meets new approach that at once feels original and familiar in the most perfect way. Plus the fact that everything is produced for the brand is done so in its midtown New York factory is an amazing feat. Especially, when most brands are going off-shore for their production.

Hunting Season

If your are looking for your hand bags to have a less American and more global style, look no further to Hunting Season, and all about their exotic meets effortless cool glory. Founded in 2006 by Miami native Danielle Corona, Hunting Season fully embraces it’s diverse origins and dives head first into alluringly original patterns and materials. Where some brands may focus on one particular aesthetic, Hunting Season experiments with globalist ideals. Combining exotic leathers with an uncompromising attention to detail, this brand embodies a discreet and confident style perfect for the chicest street style look around.


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