Nine Fragrances For Spring 2017


9 Fragrances For Spring

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Michela Marra | Friday March 17th 2017

 The first tepid rays of sunshine, the first blossoms, warmer air that is livelier: spring is truly around the corner. How about celebrating with a new fragrance? Were recommending nine: these are the scents we loved most from our very first encounterwith them and which leave a truly special fragrance on our skin.Choose your favourite and let yourselves be guided by sensations and emotions. After all, each new fragrance is an olfactory journey and were already ready to head off on new adventures! 

Velvet Cypress di Dolce&Gabbana is a fresh, elegant, woodsy and citrus fragrance inspired by one of the Mediterranean landscapes leading figures: the Italian cypress. The essence opens with fresh Cedarwood, a headnote that is enriched by precious Bergamot and natural Lemon extracts. The aroma evokes earthy leaves and Galbanum resin. As the fragrance reveals itself, the cypress expresses all of its aromatic facets. The Clary sage, a rare and avant-garde ingredient that is naturally developed, boasts the fruity aspect to the scented grass. The final touch of Virginian juniper, a pure woodsy note that is profound and slight like the tree itself, evokes memories of Italian landscapes.

Au bord de l’eau Eau de Cologne by L’Artisan Perfumer
 is a citrus fragrance designed by Fabrice Pellegrin. The fragrance contains notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Violet, Animal Musk, Orange Blossom and Rosemary. Inspired by the works of
, this perfume uses primary olfactory matter as though they were genuine pigments. Like Monets masterpieces, they alternate between the apparent realism of Bergamot and Lemon zest and their freshness are combined with the petals of bitter Orange. Fabrice Pellegrin also added Rosemary, an identifiable green note, Violet and soft Musk.

Mon Guerlain Guerlain is composed of a flowery bouquet that starts off with Vanilla tahitensis. Lavender adds a strong scent, while Jasmine sambac and sandalwood complete the fragrance developed by Thierry Wasser. Angelina Jolie endorses the fragrance and still remembers how her mother used to powder herself with an Iris and Violet powder produced by Guerlain.

Unchanging since its first edition in 2016, Sì Rose Signature Eau de Parfum and ode to the opulence of Rose petals and femininity, explores the double harmony of Rose which unexpectedly blossoms in a chypre. For 2017, the bottle is decorated with a delicate, soft, pink, silk ribbon which is crisscrossed at the front to resemble the discreet necklines of majestic haute couture dresses in the style of Giorgio Armani.

With its citrus and floral impact, Terre de Lumiere by L’Occitane reveals a surprising gourmand spirit before closing on balsamic and musky notes. The head notes awaken the initial sensations felt during a walk in Provence. The initial impact recalls a slight breeze followed by a pleasant encounter between the skin and the warm sunlight, while the gourmand notes are released in a crescendo of pleasure at the incredible sight of the sunset. In this fragrance, Provences contrasts are captured in a sort of paradox that sees the meeting of a floral soul and a gourmand heart.

Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue is the new olfactory creation by Miu Miu, a floral fragrance that perfectly evokes the new season. The headnote is Lilly of the Valley while at the heart we find white flowers, a drop of dew and notes of dog rose. Perfumer Daniela Andrier also added more earthy hints, in particular, Honeysuckle and Akigalawood.

Byredo Bibliothèque is the famous candle by Byredo which is now available for the very first time as a limited edition Eau de Parfum. All you have to do is spray it once to create the vibrant atmosphere of a suspended world at your neck. Its name pretty much says it all: the fragrance recalls the world of old books, the scent of their pages and leather covers sitting on dark wooden shelves. On the large tables of these libraries, you will come across rare works, and a bouquet of peonies and violets brings about the scent of a powdered note. You can hear the creaking of work parquet underneath your feet and the velvet touch of paper as they are personified in hints of Peach, Plum and Vanilla. And as usual, Patchouli acts as a backbone for the entire formula.

Mimosa pudica has always been a symbol of femininity and rebirth and offers a joyous and enchanting scent, able to surprise and inebriate the senses while simultaneously evoking the scent of spring and fresh air kissed by the seasons first rays of sunlight. Mimosa by Monotheme opens with a lively pairing of Nectarine and Bergamot; this gives freshness to the composition that is softened thanks to fresh, refined Violet leaves. At the heart, all of the blooming Mimosas brightness explodes while the endnote is a mix of prized woods like Sandalwood and Cedar which blend with creamy Musk to add a final elegant touch. 

Éléonore the new fragrance by Rancé 1795
 is inspired by a story of love and elopement that brings us back to Paris in the early 19th century. Louis, a young revolutionary who will then become Napoleon III, is helped in his escape from the Bastille by his young lover, Éléonore. Their love nest is situated in a bakery. These emotions, this passion, youthful enthusiasm capable of committing acts of folly for love. The bakery itself inspires the enthusiastic and unusual notes of Éléonore which is classified as an eclectic gourmand that debuts with notes of Sponge cake, paired with a fortified harmony and a heart of Saffron, all of which is rendered velvety in the end by resin, Ambre and Vanilla.

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