Michelle Obama: the new hair look and top hairstyles


Michelle Obama: the new hair look and top hairstyles

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Michela Marra | Wednesday April 26th 2017

Michelle Obama: the new hairstyle and the best hairdos

It doesnt matter whos taken her place at the White House; Michelle Obama will always be our favorite first lady, and rightly so. She was able to handle any situation with ease, she promoted campaigns in favour of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle she even boxes! Nobody has been on as many TV shows as Michelle and held their own with the most famous US anchormen.

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In short, there are only excellent reasons to love Mrs. Obama who was also able to set the rules when it comes to style. The eyes of the world are even more set on this ex first lady who is so different from the current first lady, Melania. Michelles style is a lot more classic, especially since the photos of Michelle with her afro hairdo popped up. Michelle goes natural: now that she is no longer under the reflectors of the White House, she chooses a hairdo that indulges the nature of her hair without losing even a gram of charm. It really was the moment wed all been waiting for: Michelle is freeto let the world see how beautiful her natural curls are, especially since she has often opted for a super straight lob. What caught our attention the most? Michelles relaxed, carefree state, a Michelle who now more than ever truly feels like a woman who doesnt need to ask anyone permission to do anything. The picture, taken while on vacation, immediately went viral and started plenty of rumours. Some people even imagined a photomontage but as Refinery29.com reported her trusted hairdresser, Jonny White  confirmed the photo was real and recent.

Have a look at the gallery of Michelle with her new hair look and top hairstyles.


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