Make Up Palette: Top Spring Colors


Make Up Palette: Top Spring Colors

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Michela Marra | Friday May 19th 2017

Make Up Palette: Top Spring Colors

Eyes on us! Light up your gaze with new hues thanks to this seasons must have eyeshadow palettes.  Whether or not you love nude shades or perhaps prefer pop nuances, the latest colors will satisfy everyones tastes. The key word is playfulbecause mixing eyeshadows is sheer entertainment for those of us who are beauty addicts. Have a look at our selection and find the product thats suitable for you.

The new, limited edition Jean-Michel Basquiat by Urban Decay is a true must. From the packaging to the colors, everything is inspired by the works of the famous, revolutionary artist. The Tenant Eyeshadow Palette includes eight, recently developed, lively colors, while the Gold Griot Eyeshadow Palette includes eight new neutral colors. The Pigment Infusion System-based formula (a patented pigment infusion) for each nuance from the palette gives intense, velvety color that is long-lasting and easy to apply. Also, each palette includes a work by Basquiat which has been designed to be hung on a wall to create a mini art gallery.

Couture Variation Underground by Yves Saint Laurent is a luxurious palette which includes 10 eyeshadows that go from blacks to blues for a very bold, intensive makeup look. Use the powders to create perfect smokey eyes for the evening: choose darker, opaque tones for the outer part of the eye which the metallic finish shadows are perfect for covering the entire eyelid. A touch of white on the inner corner of the eye will open up your gaze.

Active Fluo by Kiko is a limited edition product developed in collaboration with Arthur Arbesser. The designer has come up with a unique collection that brings together graphic patterns in bold colors with clean, essential shapes. the Eyeshadow Palette is a must have and includes six shades of shadow that have a highly concentrated pigmentation and come in six bright tones with a matte finish. The texture is smooth and can be smudged.  

La Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette by Kat Von D has been developed by the celebrated makeup artist especially for eye contouring, a new technique used to define and enhance your gaze. It has the perfect mix of neutral, warm and cold tones which are suitable for any complexion. Each matte shadow is finely pressed and ultra-pgimented so it is easier to mix. 

Mac Cosmetics has created some new palettes X 9, which cover any beauty needs. Our favorite is the Tropical Cool Times Nine which contains an icy, veluxe pearly, pale yellow, a satin canary yellow, a luminous, matte, lime yellow green, a soft, satin grey-green, an acid green with pearly touches, a blue green blackened by metallic touches, a matte cerulean blue, an icy dark blue and an intense grey-blue matte.

Love in the Glades Eye Shadow x 6 di MAC Cosmetics contains six shadows you can mix: a smokey grey-white Greystroke (satin), Cumulus medium icy grey (frost), Bye Bye Bahamas delicate pearly chocolate cioccolato (frost), Palm Leaves soft green-grey (satin), luminous, icy Neoprene Green (veluxe pearl) and Russian Blue, darkened grey-blue (matte).

NARSissist LOADED EYESHADOW PALETTE transforms your gaze into the protagonist of your beauty look thanks to twelve velvety shades which go from white gold to warm beige and upto brown, peach, chocolate, brass and black. The velvety texture slides onto the eyelid and the shadows are very pigmented. 

Nude Dude VXII Eyeshadow Palette by The Balm includes 12 nuances, shimmer and  matte for an ultra-fine, impalpable nude beauty look which is highly sensual. We really like the vintage packaging which is a trademark of the brand. Also, the size makes it an indispensable travel accessory thanks to its practical double-ended brush that comes with the palette and which allows you to play around with the colors. Use the colors individually for a stronger look or paired for a romantic, sensual, smokey eye. 

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette includes pink, coral and peach bronze shades with purple touches. The products unique feature is its succulent scent and  peach essence that is rich in antioxidants and characterize the 18 eyeshadows. Also, each palette comes with a Glamour Guide with three makeup ideas  to start. 

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