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Hot Pink

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday February 1st 2017

Hot Pink

Hot Pink: By Jessie Ajluni

Growing up in the American south with baby boomer parents meant that I was always subjected to wearing the color pink throughout my childhood. An untold number of photos of me wearing frilly pink dresses can be found all over my mother’s house to this day, as much as I wish that I could hide them….

 However, from a fairly young age, I began to feel that pink was a subpar color. Society ingrained the tired expectation that boys wear blue and girls wear pink. I began to hate the color and what I thought it stood for,  weakness. A belief that girls, and women, were only meant to be sweet, frilly nothings destined to be subservient to the men in their lives. I know… teenage angst gets us all in the end, but as soon as I was old enough to finally make my own fashion choices the color was banished from my wardrobe.

 Now that I have few more years under my belt and deeper concepts like gender have gained a stronger presence in our day to day discussions, I realize that the color doesn’t have to be a shackle of womanhood. In fact, it can be an empowering tool. With the Women’s March on Washington less than two weeks ago and seeing a sea of pink pussy hats coming through my social media feeds, news outlets and on my very streets, I can say that I have never been more proud to wear a particular color in my life. It also doesn’t hurt that designers are coming up with some pretty spectacular pieces to fill my wardrobe with as well. Hey, I am first and foremost a woman, but I am also a woman that loves fashion. So if you to want to join in on the cause for women’s rights and stand up to those who would silence us, check out our roundup of favorite pink pieces by clicking on the images below.

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