Home SPA: Valentine’s Day skin pampering


Home SPA: Valentine’s Day skin pampering

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Michela Marra | Tuesday February 14th 2017

Home SPA: Valentines Day skin pampering by Michela Marra

Just like a true SPA, immersed in warm water to pamper the skin. Isnt that a great idea for Valentines Day? I must confess that ever since I got a jacuzzi in my bathroom, I set aside 30 minutes of me timeand immerse my body in warm water a couple of nights a week for some well being, pampering, exfoliating and hydrating. Why not transform this beauty ritual in a romantic couple moment?Well recommend the right products to create a SPA -like atmosphere right at home.


The candela Safran di Byredo candle is inspired by the most refined spices and evokes memories of delightful baked sweets fresh out of the oven during winters far away and long ago. It is made of delicate notes of sweet Saffron and black pepper mixed with Labdane and fragrant Violet, with end notes of Ambre and creamy Vanilla.


Starskin Lip Mask instantly hydrates lips thanks to Hyaluronic acid and collagen.

Caudalie Crème Gommant Douce gently eliminates impurities and dead skin cells. Its light texture gently cleanses skin leaving it soft and smooth. Its fragrance, developed from a cocktail of plant-based scents, evokes fresh lemon and lavender notes. It contains natura jojoba micro-spheres which gently exfoliate, as well as nourishing grape seed oil and acacia honey which are both soothing.

 Maschera Viso Riequilibrante Aromachologie di L’Occitane mask is rich in botanical powders and minerals which purify skin and minimize pores. Its essential oil formula purifies and reveals natural glow.


Lavender Bath Brew is an organic lavender bath infusion containing Epsom salt, raw Cocoa butter, Lavender essential oil and powdered goats milk.

Sister & Co Bath Soak contains almond milk, kaolin and cardamom, coconut milk and raw vanilla. It should be spread under running water for an exfoliating, revitalizing and relaxing effect.

Sephora Cubo Bagno al Tè verde is an effervescent cube that instantly dissolves making your bath truly pleasant.

Sephora The precious fizz* is a kit containing six golden, effervescent bath balls for a sparkling, delicately scented bath. Allow ball to dissolve in bathtub to make water scented and sparkling.

Cerisier Pastel Gel Douche di L’Occitane is a shower gel mousse which gently cleaned and wraps skin in a delicately scented floral veil, which is also slightly fruity. It contains cherry blossom floral water and Luberon cherry extract.

Sapone Nero Riequilibrante Aromachologie di L’Occitane is a black soap, olive oil-based paste which also has Eucalyptus essential oil. It class skin and eliminates impurities.

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