Get Your Festival Beauty Look


Get Your Festival Beauty Look

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Michela Marra | Wednesday March 29th 2017



Next stop, Coachella (April 14)! or Governors Ball (June 2). Whatever your next spring festival is the important thing is to get there with the right hair and beauty look. Weve chosen some super cool makeup and hair looks just for you and weve also included some useful tips on how to looks awesome always.

Wild hair don’t care

This is the perfect occasion to go for a wavy hair look always very cool. Hair should be worked with a specific product for styling that will withstand the heat and humidity (credit ph: @gigihadid).

Safe Sun

It goes without saying youll be in the sun so youll need to protect yourselves with a suncream, preferably one that has an SPF 30 – SPF50. You can apply it along with your favorite foundation or choose a BB that will act as a shield (credit ph: @gabriellalexis_).


Code word: illuminate. To enhance an even skin tone and give a luminous finish to your make, always use an illuminator and apply along cheekbones, on your temples and on your philtrum. You can also choose a cream illuminator, easy for retouching throughout the day (credit ph: @GettyImages).

All that glitters!

About shine, a festival beauty look must include glitter. Where? On your eyes, beneath your contour and even in the roots of your hair, in plain sight with your hair gathered and parted (credit ph: Pinterest;

Bold lips

Festivals are the best occasions on which to play with lipsticks. Choose a bold shade that will focus all attention on your lips, preferably in a matte finish since it’s one of the season’s trends. To make it long-lasting, apply a primer before applying our lipstick and use a lip liner in the same shade to outline your lips (credit ph: @linky_chow).

Braids, braids, braids

Braids  are the big protagonists for this spring’s hairstyles. You can really go wild and create different looks each day, especially if you have long hair. We really love side braids which create a playful mood (credit ph: @bridgetbrager).

Colorful make up and hair look

How can a festival not be full of color? Color is energy and enthusiasm, two elements that are never missing at music events. That’s why it’s important to add strokes of color to your makeup – for example, on your eye lids –and to your hair style (credit ph: MAC Press Office; @foryourclairification).

Top Knot or Bun

Speaking of hair, the top knot or buns are always very in. Why? They are easy to create, are not too formal and are a super fancy solution. The stars love them as do influencers so what are you waiting for? Try them! (credit ph:

Nail art

No use reapting that nail art has to be impeccable. Having said this, let your imagination guide you in creating multicolored manicures enriched with glitter and sequins (credit ph: Pinterest).

Minimal make up

Less is more. For those who don’t care for a very creative look, remember the details make the difference. For instance, you use a coloured eye liner that will place the emphasis on your gaze close-up or choose geometrical makeup (credit ph:

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