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Fuck Donald Trump: How Will We Eat?

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Nia Hampton | Monday February 20th 2017

Donald Trump

Fuck Donald Trump: How Will We Eat? By Nia Hampton

“To be honest, I inherited a mess.”  -45th President Donald Trump

In the second installment of “Fuck Donald Trump” we find ourselves just a little over a month into his presidency and already we’ve seen unprecedented events. Like the firing of Sally Yates, the former Attorney General for refusing to defend his controversial travel ban, the mass revolts in response to the ban and his mention of Fredrick Douglass as someone who is “getting recognized more and more”. The self described “least racist” also asked a black female  journalist if she was friends with the Congressional Black Caucus and to set up a meeting with them in response to her questioning why the Government had yet to reach out to the group. The CBC responded through Twitter, reminding El Cheeto of the letter they sent in January to which he never replied.

The latest shenanigans of El Cheeto included cracking down on undocumented immigrants and possibly destroying the infrastructure of America. The travel ban showed what cities will stand up for it’s citizens and which cities will bow down to the Donald. The rise of “sanctuary cities” where the officials refuse to hand over illegal immigrants for deportation, has created a whole new tension as cities like Miami, have declared their support for the order while cities like Boston decided to fight it. Checkpoints are popping up all around the country as the mass deportation begins. The first person to be deported under Trump’s administration is Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, a married mom who has lived in the states for 21 years. Mass deportation is a big business as the people who get detained are not US citizens or legal immigrants thereby have no Constitutional rights. Inhumane conditions are a reality of being held in deportation. So much so that illegal immigrants are now crossing the border into Canada to be deported there in fear of what they’d be subjected to in the States.  The food industry is in quite a bind as the service based industry is made possible through undocumented labor. The food we eat is planted, harvested and prepared mainly by undocumented labor, so as deportation rises, crops are left to rot as no one is there to harvest. #DayWithoutImmigrants has seen a mass shutdown in businesses across the country to show just how dependent the States are on this specific population.  Looks like it’s time to join a community garden and learn to grow your own food as a total collapse in the food industry may happen if El Cheeto doesn’t back down.

In other news, El Cheeto has graced us all with a press conference where he manages to talk for 77 minutes without answering any real questions. He talks around the recent firing of national security advisor Micheal Flynn calling the info leaks “illegal” while claiming the country of Russia is fake news. The evidence that Trump is in Putin’s pocket grows everyday, and more and more people associated with this fiasco seem to be jumping ship. Are we getting closer to an impeachment? What do you think Pretty Birds? Leave a comment below.

Graphic By Sophia-Gach Rasool.

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