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F*ck Donald Trump: Bills, Bills, Bills

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Nia Hampton | Monday March 20th 2017

F*ck Donald Trump

…and all the new bills they’re trying to pass!

This week Al Jazeera English uploaded a new video to their facebook page. The video highlights 8 new bills that have silently been introduced into congress under Trumps administration. The usual suspects, education, abortion and the environment are on the chopping block. At this point it’s not even SCARY, it’s kind of more like “scary” because America has been actively trying to destroy itself since it’s inception. At this point it’s almost like “shit or get off the toilet”. There is a really great website called govtrack which provides information about the bills being passed or in process of being passed. It’s a great resource for people who didn’t major in Civics or PoliSci in undergrad and just want to know what’s about to be illegal and what’s actually already illegal. I chose four bills to investigate and see just how SCARED we all should be.

H.R. 861 to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency

This bill terminates the Environmental Protection Agency on December 31, 2018.

Sponsered by Matt Gaetz Republican Representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district

This bill is literally just one sentence. It has only 6 co-sponsors and according to govtrack.com only has a 5 percent chance of passing. But we can no longer trust things like percentages under a Trump administration. Once it passes three steps (order reported by committee, passes through House and Senate) it will most likely be signed off by El Cheeto. The termination of the EPA, has been a constant battle since it’s inception under the Nixon administration in the 1970s. A controversial department, the EPA regulates natural resources in the country and abroad, so it’s no wonder that these regulations may sometime be in direct opposition with many multinational corporations. If this bill passes, perhaps we’d see our country regress to the environmental practices of the 1940’s. It won’t be pretty.

H.R 899 to terminate the Department of Education

This bill is to terminate the Department of Education.

Sponsored by Thomas Massie Republican Representative for Kentucky’s 4th congressional district

This bill, like the EPA bill is very straightforward. Just get rid of it. This agency has only been operating since 1980, interestingly the year that public education became a hot topic in the media. Before then, the American public seemed to underestimate the effect school had on it’s citizens. If abolished, tax payers would save 68.3 billion in taxes, which represents 2.1% of the total federal budget. College would become even harder to pay for most certainly, as most federal education funds are used in Pell Grants and the FASFA program. Although there has been a rise in home schools and charter schools, it can either be really good or really bad, we should be wary about what the end of a Department of Education would look like.

H.R 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities

To prohibit the receipt of Federal financial assistance by sanctuary cities, and for other purposes.

Sponsored by Lou Barletta Republican Representative for Pennsylvania’s 11th congressional district

To me, this bill seems like a personal attack on liberalism from the conservatives. Under the guise of “improving” immigration laws, this new law will strip certain cities of federal funds if they don’t acquiesce and “hand over” the information of the illegal immigrants who would then be deported or sent to the for profit detention centers. The target cities are the big ones, New York, San Franciso, Boston, etc- cities whose wealth are inextricably built on the forced, free or severely underpaid labor of it’s undocumented citizens. This bill may not actually be passed as these cities are extremely powerful globally. Not that the crack down on “illegal” immigrants isn’t devastating, but this bill (if passed) maybe something that back fires on the very people that are passing it. Trump is based in New York after all. I wouldn’t spend too much time being afraid of this particular bill.

H.R 147 Prenantal Nondiscrimination Act

To prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex or race, and for other purposes.

Sponsered by Trent Franks Republican Representative for Arizona’s 8th congressional district

This is a curious bill. Federal funds are already prohibited from being allotted to pay from abortions. Ever the villain in federal spending, abortions don’t really work the way most people imagine them to. This new bill however is specific that it will punish people who have abortions in an attempt to not have a child of a specific race or sex. Where they do that at? And why all of a sudden is it a problem that needs such extreme response. I came across NAPAWF  who have broken this all the way down. Essentially, this makes any woman of color, specifically Asian women, a suspect in killing a fetus based on outdated stereotypes (Asian communities favor male children and will therefore kill a female fetus, just one of many). It also means anyone who helps or “forces” a woman get an abortion can go to jail. Meaning the Uber driver that takes you to the clinic would be facing charges as well. This is a scary bill. We should be afraid of this one, because it’s wording is clever. It seems as if it’s for the benefit of the same demographics it will harm.

We have some bills to keep up with, Pretty Birds. While I do enjoy the memes as well, let’s make sure we don’t get to distracted and remember to call our representatives and demand justice.

Graphic By Sophia-Gach Rasool.

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