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Evil Eye

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Jessie Ajluni | Wednesday March 8th 2017

Evil Eye

Growing up I received one of my most cherished gifts from my grandmother. A dainty crystal encrusted eye pendant. That was the first time that I heard of the concept of the Evil Eye and the talismans used to protect against them.  Now, I have never been a particularly superstitious person but I have loved fashion, even from a young age, and I still to this day have that lovely little charm necklace and wear it often. Usually layered with bits of other eclectic necklaces but, hey, I am not one to tread the minimalist’s fashion path.

 It’s in because of this ingrained love for all things whimsical leads that to whenever I see an Evil Eye print I just have to snap up the piece. Designers are not failing to disappoint this season; from the gorgeous over-the-top Gucci Earrings to the understated cool of Kate Moss’s collab with Equipment, there is a little something for everyone’s style.  So go ahead, check out this cooler than cool trend. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a little extra good energy heading your way. We know we all could us some.

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