Easter nails: manicures to copy


Easter nails: manicures to copy

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Michela Marra | Friday April 14th 2017

Easter nails: manicures to copy

Start the countdown to your Easter vacation with a new colourful manicure. Why not be inspired by the spring mood when deciding on your new nail look? We love pastel colours but you can always add bolder colours and highlights or even metallic nail polish for details. Are you still looking for inspiration? We’ll give you a hand by pointing out some of the best manicures we’ve seen on Pinterest.

How to create Easter nail art
Get your hands on some coloured nail polish and brushes with a very fine tip. Also, don’t forget to have a top coat handy on your vanity table to seal your manicure and ensure that it lasts longer. Follow the tips and suggestions in these two videos step by step. They’ll explain how to create some of the best Easter nail art.

Credit ph: Pinterest

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