It’s Spring! Time to Detox Your Body, Skin and Hair


It’s Spring! Time to Detox Your Body, Skin and Hair

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Michela Marra | Friday March 24th 2017

Its time to detox our body, face and hair. Spring is a time of great awakenings and healing for our body which needs to rid itself of toxins both inside and out. Heres how to detox and a list of products to use that will make your detox extra effective.

Cleansing morning and night is actually the first step in skin care throughout the seasons. The next step is nourishing, hydrating and protecting skin from the suns rays. Choose cosmetics that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and oils which reconstruct the hydrolipidic layer. At least once a week, apply a detox mask to the skin on your face or use a purifying scrub: it helps eliminate dead cells and revitalise skin as well as improving your faces brightness.

Products For Your Facial Detox

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask is an active gel-based mask which targets wrinkles, spots and imperfections. It facilitates the skins reconstruction and normalizes sebo-levels without altering natural pH levels. Skin appears immediately relaxed, non greasy and more radiant. It contains Acerola cherry, white truffle and greater burdock. 

Be Pure Silver Mask by Diego Dalla Palma is a detoxifying, illuminating mask that provides a sort of shock therapy using pure silver. In just ten minutes, it pushes impurities and dullness away from the skin, leaving it with a glow that is to die for. 

Farmacy Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask with Echinacea GreenEnvyis a mask that nourishes and revitalizes the skin for a smooth complexion. 

The detoxifying Nighttime Serum by Korff comes in a cream gel with a fresh, light texture that is easily absorbed. Developed to work actively at night when cell turnover is more active, it restores skin and improves blood circulation. It contains Grape, Argan Oil, Green Tea and Clary sage stem cell extracts which protect and nourish the skin, while Tara galactomannans hydrate dry skin. The Fomes officinalis exerts a tightening action on pores, rosemary and lavender extracts purify and finally, Ginkgo Biloba extract unclogs, and is soothing and antioxidant. 

Skinfood Freshmade Mask Lemon is a mask which hydrates and illuminates thanks to the vitamin C.

The key word is purification: goodbye to all the toxins and drugs accumulated over the past few months. Choose a diet that includes plenty of fresh, coloured vegetables, in particular, orange once since they contain beta-carotene, red-purple ones for their anthocyanins, and green ones for their vitamin E. Once you have purified your internal organs, you can move on to your external organs, that is, the skin on your body. Slimming creams, scrubs and hydrating solutions will be part of your new spring beauty routine.

Products for your body detox

Becos Crema Trattamento Attivo Cellulite is a cream that has a soft and pleasant texture and is used as an intensive treatment. It helps redefine your silhouette thanks to its avant-garde formula and fights the onset of all types of cellulite. Among the active ingredients we have Personal Drainer Active which mimics the action involved in cardio physical activity, helping reshape curves. It also contains Zero-Cell-Active which exerts an important draining action on the extracellular matrix and it modulates the activity of the Adipocytes. The product contains caffeine and escin which is draining and stimulates microcirculation. It also had Beobab seed oil which is very elastic and Shea Butter. Massage into skin until completely absorbed. 

Detox snellente notte by Somatoline has a detoxifying formula. It helps free skin from the toxins.

RNC 1838 Bio Cosmetique Huile-che pour le Corps gathers all the beneficial properties of the Açai,, which intensely hydrates the skin, giving it a strange softness and silkiness as well as making it toned and elastic. The skins natural defence mechanisms are enhanced and the signs of photoaging are drastically reduced. Finally, Musk Rose completes and enhanced the anti-age effect thanks to its complete, regenerating action. 

Oraser®BodyEmulsion Plus by ZO Skin Health is a multi-action body treatment. It exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and it promotes turnover to help soften skin and give it a smooth texture. It also stimulates the skins natural renewal process to help improve tone and elasticity and reduce the appearance of dark spots as well as giving skin a uniform color. Finally, thanks to an exclusive antioxidant complex (vitamin A, C and E) which is released every 12 hours as per schedule, it provides protection from oxidising stress. 

Your hair is like a sponge that absorbs all fine dust and exhaust fumes: pollution is our hairs number one enemy. And with little to no rain and wind, the situation is even worse. Thats why youll need a solution.

Hair detox products

Ends always suffer the most damage. If taken well care of, its what will make your hairstyles look better and healthier. Use ghd advanced split end therapy which helps hold fibres together and strengthens fragile or damaged hair. Use it every 5 shampoos before drying your hair and take advantage of the heat during styling to activate the ingredients.

Intensive detox cleansing conditioner by HIF provides a detoxifying action, cleansing the scalp while simultaneously creating a fresh effect. The product boasts a bio-complex that includes desert dates which are rich in fiber and that help fight hair loss, help remove excess dirt and residue on the scalp.The active ingredients which are highly cleansing help hydrate and strengthen hair at the root, giving it a feeling of softness and elasticity. 

Naturil Pollutant Defending Mask by Cotril is an intensive, hydrating, anti-smog mask that helps preserve and protect hair from daily pollution and by replenishing its natural beauty and elasticity. All this thanks to three actions combined into one: antipollution, antioxidant and anti-stress. How does it work? Its formula is free of sodium chloride, sulphites, phosphates, and parabens. Thanks to peptides, a specific plant-based active ingredient that boasts anti-stress and anti-pollution properties as well as exerting a protective action to the hair shaft, preventing all those pollutants from sticking together. The result? Hair regains its natural beauty and becomes visibly shinier and with more elasticity.

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