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Meet OXOSI, A Luxury, Social Marketplace

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Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed or browsing your favourite website and come across the work of an emerging African designer and immediately do a search for where you can buy that sick AF dress or those you’re-killing-me-they-are-so-good trousers featured on said feed or site? Does your disappointment feel like someone has bore a hole in your fashion heart when you decipher that there are no stockists within feasible shipping range for you to bring those life-giving clothes home? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced this sort of heartbreak when I was unable to shop my favourite African designers. I mean, it gets so bad that I’ve even contemplated boarding a flight for a continent-specific shopping trip. Hey, no judgment, I love clothes. But it looks like my frustration and desperation is now a thing of the past.

Meet OXOSI, a luxury, social marketplace that embodies Afromodernism and all the associated goodness blooming out of the diaspora in terms of design, art, fashion and innovation.


Well Look At That, It’s Coat Time

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Well Look At That, It’s Coat Time by Tamu McPherson

To use a comment that my friend Merlette of Merlette by Maryam left on my Instagram story this morning, “Who does Autumn think she is, coming and shocking our systems like that”? I have been complaining all day on Stories because Autumn is here full blast and she didn’t even have the courtesy to ease her way in over a lazy weekend where I could have prepared my bones for her chilly temperatures in a cozy chunky knit roll-neck sweater and a pair of wool culottes. No, she showed up today at 48° without a care in the world to my complete misery. I mean you should have seen the layers that I piled on today, you would have thought that it was early winter, and that I still live on the Upper West Side where there is no protection from the winds that blow over the Hudson River. But this is obviously a first world issue. As I write this post to accompany these images of me in one of my favorite Marella coats of the season, I think about the devastation that the people of Haiti, Cuba and those living along the US coastline from Florida to North Carolina have suffered in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. I take my complaining back…

No shorts and t-shirts for me!

Peserico Style File — For mild, cozy winter days

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Hey Pretty Birds,

What do you wear when winter temperatures rise above the norm? Do you go crazy like my fellow Americans and break out the shorts and t-shirts (you know who you are), or do you ease into the temporary defrost with cozy winter staples like chunky knits and sleeveless wool vests? Come on tell me the truth (in the comments), I want to know. Me on the other hand, born in Jamaica and having totally adopted the Italian aversion to exposing oneself to too much cold air, will always opt for the layers. God forbid I come down with a cold, wouldn’t want my nose running all over my red lipstick, or red puffy eyes in my selfie (wink).