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Two Gingerbread Desserts for your Holiday Parties

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Two Gingerbread Desserts for your Holiday Parties By Tamu McPherson

Just in time for the big Christmas celebrations this weekend, we’ve tried out two gingerbread recipes for you: a yummy whoopie pie with cream cheese filling and super delicious gingerbread cookies dipped in white chocolate. Both desserts are relatively easy to make, the whoopie pie filling was a little tricky for us amateur bakers, but the result was non-the-less delicious. Great ingredients, happy taste buds. So grab a cup of eggnog (we made that too, stay tuned) and let’s bake.

Thanksgiving Turkey Tips Hp
The Turkey Edition

The Secret to the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

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Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey Tips By Kristi Veliaj

Dear Pretty Birds,

If you find yourself, for the first time ever, preparing your own thanksgiving turkey, don’t panic. This year is the perfect occasion to crack the “perfect” turkey code. Because cooking a 12 pound turkey can be extremely intimidating, Debra, our favorite intern, jumped in and helped me research the newest cooking trends. But let me reveal our secret: the key to our success was Debra’s mom. She helped from the US, skyping, calling, facetiming a million times until the turkey was out of the oven, just perfect and amazingly delicious.

Sweet Thanksgiving

Two Thanksgiving Desserts for Those Who Aren’t Into a Slice of Pie

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Two Thanksgiving Desserts for Those Who Aren’t Into a Slice of Pie By Kristi Veliaj

Hey There Pretty Birds,

For all those with a sweet tooth, thanksgiving dessert wouldn’t be the same without the pies: Sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie and all the classics. But, there are some folks who are not big fans of pies, and crave some other yummy treat. If you’ve already pulled one of your favorite auntie’s traditional recipes, think twice and try out these desserts that we’ve selected for you. Surprise your guests with an Apple Oatmeal Crisp and a Blackberry Lemon Cheesecake. Both delicious and extremely easy to prepare.