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F*ck Donald Trump

F*ck Donald Trump: Bills, Bills, Bills

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F*ck Donald Trump: Bills, Bills, Bills By Nia Hampton

…and all the new bills they’re trying to pass!

This week Al Jazeera English uploaded a new video to their facebook page. The video highlights 8 new bills that have silently been introduced into congress under Trumps administration. The usual suspects, education, abortion and the environment are on the chopping block. At this point it’s not even SCARY, it’s kind of more like “scary” because America has been actively trying to destroy itself since it’s inception. At this point it’s almost like “shit or get off the toilet”. There is a really great website called govtrack which provides information about the bills being passed or in process of being passed. It’s a great resource for people who didn’t major in Civics or PoliSci in undergrad and just want to know what’s about to be illegal and what’s actually already illegal. I chose four bills to investigate and see just how SCARED we all should be.

Abdu Ali
Push and Slay!

Aesthetic as Activism: Abdu Ali

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Aesthetic as Activism: Abdu Ali By Nia Hampton
In the late 60’s, a widely used slogan in the feminist movement was, “the personal is political.” And this past year, we’ve seen an overall increase in political awareness around the world. Everyday our favorite brands are vocalizing their support for a certain cause. Our favorite fashion institutions are taking a stand against injustice. We here at All the Pretty Birds are getting in on what we hope is more than just a trend. For a long time, Aesthetic was seen as something frivolous or only necessary in the world of art. But as the study of identity politics gains more traction, we’re realizing, you actually ARE what you wear. I’ve decided to talk to some very powerful people in their own right. Activists who use their mediums of art to fight for their personal cause, and find out not only what’s in their closet, but why?

This months feature is Abdu Ali a bad ass musician, writer and activist from Baltimore, Maryland who is known to Push and Slay. Abdu Ali is currently on tour in Europe but managed to squeeze some time in to talk to us Pretty Birds.

The Failure of the Grammys and Oscars
How Whiteness Wins even when it Loses.

The Failure of the Grammys and the Oscars or…how Whiteness Wins even when it Loses.

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The Failure of the Grammys and the Oscars or…how Whiteness Wins even when it Loses By Nia Hampton

This past Black History Month was an emotional rollercoaster. We had highs, (Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement) and we had lows, (TRUMP STILL OUT HERE TRUMPIN’) but we had some really exciting twists and turns. The twists and turns were dramatically administered by the Grammys and Oscars respectably. Adele’s acceptance speech for the Album of the Year at the Grammy’s set the tone for what I suspect is the first in a series of white repentance speeches. In which, white people who have benefited from their privilege, acknowledge it publicly and are then applauded for acknowledging their privilege. Respect to Adele for acknowledging the perfection that was “Lemonade” but breaking the award in half was- well awkward. You know what would have been better? Simply giving the award back. But I don’t think whiteness has evolved that far yet. But, you know what gets my goat up a hill about that night as well? Adele’s last album wasn’t even better than her other albums. Adele wasn’t even better than herself this time around, she damn sure was not touching “Lemonade” era Beyoncé. But I digress. Adele tried. I guess. Anyway. Fresh off the heels of this not so surprising upset, comes the Oscars.