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Donald Trump
How Will We Eat?

Fuck Donald Trump: How Will We Eat?

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Fuck Donald Trump: How Will We Eat? By Nia Hampton

“To be honest, I inherited a mess.” -45th President Donald Trump

In the second installment of “Fuck Donald Trump” we find ourselves just a little over a month into his presidency and already we’ve seen unprecedented events. Like the firing of Sally Yates, the former Attorney General for refusing to defend his controversial travel ban, the mass revolts in response to the ban and his mention of Fredrick Douglass as someone who is “getting recognized more and more”. The self described “least racist” also asked a black female journalist if she was friends with the Congressional Black Caucus and to set up a meeting with them in response to her questioning why the Government had yet to reach out to the group. The CBC responded through Twitter, reminding El Cheeto of the letter they sent in January to which he never replied.

Aesthetic as Activism

Aesthetic as Activism: A Series

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Aesthetic as Activism: A Series By Nia Hampton
In the late 60’s, a widely used slogan in the feminist movement was, “the personal is political.” And this past year, we’ve seen an overall increase in political awareness around the world. Everyday our favorite brands are vocalizing their support for a certain cause. Our favorite fashion institutions are taking a stand against injustice. We here at All the Pretty Birds are getting in on what we hope is more than just a trend. For a long time, Aesthetic was seen as something frivolous or only necessary in the world of art. But as the study of identity politics gains more traction, we’re realizing, you actually ARE what you wear. I’ve decided to talk to some very powerful people in their own right. Activists who use their mediums of art to fight for their personal cause, and find out not only what’s in their closet, but why?
This month’s feature is Sonia Guiñansaca a dope ass poet, fierce cultural organizer and radical femme. Sonia is a sight to see in her loud colors, bold glasses and glittery nails. I’m so honored that she took the time to tell us how she uses her aesthetic as activism.

Valentine's Day
Love Songs!

ATPB Valentine’s Day Playlist

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ATPB Valentine’s Day Playlist by Tamu McPherson

An entire day to celebrate love?! Sign me up.

As many of you may have inferred from the music I often share on my Instagram stories, I am a sucker for slow jams. Ask Roki (@roks_alltheprettybirds), who often leaves cheeky comments about my preference in music. Whether it be indie, rock, reggae or hip-hop, I always manage to fall for the love songs (the purely romantic ones and the ones about making love, you’ll see). What else would you expect from a hopeless romantic?