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Designer Spotlight: Novis by Jordana Warmflash

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A long time fan of the brand Novis, I hadn’t the privilege of meeting, the brains behind the brand, Jordana Warmflash until one wet and snowy day last February during NYFW week.
While going through her gorgeous collection of whimsical prints and bright poppy colors, I could instantly see that her vision for the brand is exactly who she is personally, an old soul with a playful sophistication. So when one of the brief instances when Tamu and I crossed paths in the same city, we knew we wanted to take the opportunity to shoot some of these lovely pieces.

Dapper Dan
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Four Articles that Address Cultural Appropriation in Response to the Gucci Cruise18 Homage to Dapper Dan

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After the Gucci Cruise 18 shows the internet entered a tailspin criticizing Alessandro Michele’s nod to Hip-Hop Sartorial legend Daniel “Dapper Dan” Day’s iconic bomber designed for track & field Olympian Diane Dixon. Dapper Dan was the go-to-man in the 80s for hip-hop stars Big Daddy Kane, Eric B & Rakim, and LL Cool J, and athletes including Mike Tyson and other high profile individuals. From his store on 125th Street in Harlem, he created bold, eye-catching, custom-made outfits using knock-off logo fabrics belonging to European luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. He was often sued for copyright infringement by these brands, subjected to raids by the feds and was eventually forced to close shop.

Having participated in the Cruise experience which included special museum tours that provided key references to the 115 look collection, it was clear to me that Michele was paying homage to Dapper Dan as he was to the other references that he wove into the ample collection. As the storm of commentary started blowing in, I mentioned to a friend, “When does it become a question of him [Michele] thinking “that girl [Dixon] was so freaking cool, I want to include her style in my mix of cultural references?” Can it ever be? When, how and after what steps of reconciliation?