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Ice Therapy
Roki Prunali

Becoming an Ice Queen: Modern Day Facial Ice Therapy

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Ice therapy… I know: groundbreaking. Ice therapy straight from your home freezer has been around since time immemorial, so why am I just talking about it now? With the persistent popularity of Cryotherapy facials and ice therapy brands ever-elegantly elaborating on the simple task of walking into your kitchen, I figure this little luxury is worth some investigating.

Michela Marra

Instant Beauty: A Trend For The Digital Era

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Instant Beauty translates to one just phrase: how to fake that you slept well. Lately, eight uninterrupted hours of sleep is a private joke between me, myself and I, and each morning my undereyes are in on it, too. Misery loves company, and so it’s no coincidence that my friends are always asking me for the best undereye concealer. I don’t have a magic wand, but I’m not all that worried; I know that rest, a healthy diet and spending less time staring at phone and computer screens are the best ways to combat skin fatigue and that downtrodden look.


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