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Spring Time

Seven Beauty Things for You to Do This Spring

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Seven Beauty Things for You to Do This Spring by Michela Marra

With spring arriving our bodies need to adjust to some major changes. Spring is also the best season to purify, detox and give a boost of energy to both body and mind. If you need to rearrange your lifestyle as well as your beauty routine to maximize the benefits of this time of year, take our advice and follow these seven suggestions to feel better both inside and out

Spring Perfumes

9 Fragrances For Spring

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9 Fragrances For Spring by Michela Marra

The first tepid rays of sunshine, the first blossoms, warmer air that is livelier: spring is truly around the corner. How about celebrating with a new fragrance? We’re recommending nine: these are the scents we loved most from our very first “encounter” with them and which leave a truly special fragrance on our skin. Choose your favourite and let yourselves be guided by sensations and emotions. After all, each new fragrance is an olfactory journey and we’re already ready to head off on new adventures!

A New Skin

Face and Body Scrubs: All the Products You Need to Renew Your Skin

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Face and Body Scrubs: All the Products You Need to Renew Your Skin by Michela Marra

How can you prep your skin so that it’s at its best for spring? To renew the tissue the first, and fortunately only step, is to use a scrub or exfoliant which will not only reactivate the skin’s microcirculation but also cleanse the skin deeply, leaving it soft, smooth and luminous. An excellent scrub must have a balanced formula: on one hand, it should have hydrating elements that are not excessively greasy, especially when it is a facial scrub. On the other hand, we’d also like it to have a scent that is simultaneously both energising and relaxing, sort of like when we spend that day at a spa and the skin on our bodies is velvety and wrapped in an enchanting fragrance. Basically, the challenge to start the new season off right is on. Here are some useful tips to help give our bodies and faces a fragrant, energised boost.