Cat Eye Makeup: How To Get The Look


Cat Eye Makeup: How To Get The Look

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Michela Marra | Friday April 28th 2017

Cat Eye Makeup: How To Get The Look

Cat eye makeup intensifies, lengthens and enhances your gaze as well as the color of your irises. We love it because its simple and when paired with lips that are brushed with shiny a lipstick, it definitely creates a strong impact. If you too, want to replicate this beauty look, follow our advice.

Step one: find the right products

You dont need many products for this makeup look: some black eyeliner or an angled brush, a champagne or light brown eyeshadow, foundation, powder and blush. Mascara is indispensable and if you really want to be daring you can also choose some false lashes. Most makeup artists apply foundation, do some contouring and then complete eye makeup. We, on the other hand, are followers of famous makeup artist Rae Morriss school of thought,who focuses mainly on the gaze and first applies powders to the eyelid and then moves on to complete the rest of the makeup. Thats why for this post, we prefer concentrating on eye makeup: as for the rest, everyone will choose which method works best.

Step two: study the shape of your eye

Before drawing a line on your eyelid, stop and take a minute to study the shape of your eye in order to understand the type of line that could really transform your gaze. There are varying
schools of thoughtregarding this as well: some suggest following the eyes natural contour, others, on the other hand, including us, suggest drawing the line a bit high, without following the eyelids natural arch when the shape of the arch tends to slope downwards.

Step three: draw the line

We always start from the inner corner of the eye: in this area, the line which youll draw using eyeliner or an eye pencil or even with a brush which must be very thin. Youll get to the end of the eyelid after having gone slightly beyond the corner of your eye and then youll proceed to draw a small wing in the opposite direction and connect it to the line on your eyelid.

Step four: create thickness

Work on the thin line, making it wider in order to add thickness. For this step, we suggest using eyeliner or an angled brush. If you make a mistake, DONT PANIC: all you need is a Q-Tip lightly soaked in makeup remover or with micellar water.

Step five: focus on lashes

Our suggestion is to work with your mascara and emphasise the area along the lash line, choosing a volumizing formula. For important evenings, flaunt a pair of fake lashes as well: the final results will have you looking like a true diva!

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