Bridal Hairstyles: the coolest looks


Bridal Hairstyles: the coolest looks

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Michela Marra | Wednesday April 19th 2017

Bridal Hairstyles: the coolest looks

Can we consider bridal hairstyles an authentic trend? Yes, we probably can. Salvo Filetti of Compagnia della Bellezza is convinced of this and says: The bridal trend is becoming increasingly multifaceted and there is a quest to scope out new horizons which can express uniqueness, that feeling of being special at the most special moment of all, ones own wedding.

What will the 2017 theme for bridal hairstyles be?
Deconstructed hair, or non-hairdo hairdos, of an informal style, free-spirited hair, hair that is loose even when it is gathered. These looks all represent the triumph of a new, informal romanticism, boho-chic hippy grace. Waves that are not too defined, unbraidedbraids that have a withered air to them while shoots of embroidered fabric, old pins and necklaces are becoming the latest decorative accessories and crowns.

Which hairstyles are prize-worthy?
Say yes to effortless chic updos, elegantly casual and remixed interpretations, new looks and hybrids in which ponytails and chignons can shift to various positions and mix with waves and braids into a new creative connection.

Curious to find out the top bridal hairstyles? Here are a few looks weve picked out for you:

Half updo bridal hairstyle

The half updo is a hairstyle for the very romantic bride. The bonus? It is a practical often simple hairstyle that leaves ends down so it is recommended for those who have long or very long hair. An extra idea to make this bridal partial updo special? Enhancing the hairstyle with an accessory or even with flowers. The current trend would suggest a braid which, as well see, has practically become a must. Half updos can be either straight or wavy, voluminous or minimal, the latter being the most popular choice. (Credit ph: Salvo Filetti Hair Designer @Joyàcademy,

Bridal hairstyles for brides with short hair

If hair is short, we suggest adding an accessory a clip or hair band,  even a small veil to your hairstyle will personalize it. Theres no reason, however, why you cant opt for something simpler. Our suggestion is to try out different hairstyles before choosing the definitive one youll wear on your wedding day. Remember that short hair is an ideal solution if you want to shift the focus to your face: go for a short cut if this is your goal. (Credit ph: Pinterest)

Bridal hairstyles with flowers

Hair gathered with a flower: can you think of a more romantic hairstyle? Those who love the boho-chic style will have already scouted out thousands of solutions for adding a flower to their hair. As the expert tells us, the trend is hair that falls softly, even purposely messy, onto shoulders. The suggestion even if an obvious one is to choose flowers in line with the mood of the ceremony or by allowing the details of your wedding gown to inspire you. (Credit ph: Instagram @annahmburu, Pinterest)

Bridal hairstyles with braids

We are huge fans of braids: we find they are the ideal solution even on your wedding day, especially if the braids enhance an updo or half updo. If you think they are perfect only on long hair, think again: today braids are also used to enhance mid-length hair. They can be horizontal, on the side or even in the form of a crown: it all depends on your taste and the length of your locks. (Credit ph:Salvo Filetti Hair Designer @Joyàcademy,, Pinterest)

Bridal hairstyles with a chignon

The chignon has practically been the most popular hairstyle since forever: it is truly one of the most elegant updos. You dont necessarily have to choose a classic, low chignon. If your dress is simple, you can also go for a bun or enhance your chignon with flowers, but only if your hair is easy to manage. (Credit ph:Salvo Filetti Hair Designer @Joyàcademy, Pinterest,, The Youngrens,

Bridal hairstyles with accessories

Sophisticated tiaras, hats, veils, precious jewels: accessories capture attention and for those who are seeking a sophisticated, elegant and important hairdo, it is truly a must. (Credit ph: Destination Weddings & Honeymoons, Pinterest,,

Soft, romantic updo bridal hairstyles

Code word: soft hair, no tension, like a true princess. The soft updo is romantic by definition. For this spring, it is, in our opinion, one of the coolest suggestions that also gives way to lots of creativity. (Credit ph: Pinterest, Good Housekeeping)

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