Beauty Gifts To Celebrate (Your) Women


Beauty Gifts To Celebrate (Your) Women

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Michela Marra | Friday March 3rd 2017

What beauty gifts do your friends, girlfriends or colleagues most desire? What products are the beauty addicts in your life always wishing for? What are the items that even their partners know by heart?  Celebrate International Womens Day on March 8t by giving someone (or yourself) an important gift. Still drawing a blank? Don’t worry, we here at ATPB  asked a few women for you. Let these answers inspire your next gift.

Just one item: the Urban Decay Naked Vault(Myriam). If you are lucky, you can still find it online, otherwise just mix colors from your favorite palette. Finally, you can always have a look at the gorgeous Lip Vault.

All makeup, from A to Z, by MAC Cosmetics(Eleonora). A suggestion: go for some of the brands must-have items (for example, the lipsticks).

All perfumes by Bulgari and Tom Ford(Carola). Our advice: choose the latest scent in the Vertscollection by Tom Ford, Vert de Fleur,a seductive juice that calls out to the Sixties. Alternately, you could go for Velvet Orchid in its new packaging. 

A complete treatment at a luxury SPA, including everything from a massage to a body scrub(Selene). You can find all necessary addresses in a recent post of ours which we dedicated to pampering ourselves.

All makeup by Kat von D(Giulia). For American girls (and for us beauty addicts) this is no news, while for Italians, the big news is that starting April 5, Kats makeup will finally be available, exclusively at Sephora. While you wait, have a look at this palette.

A box containing all Urban Decay pencils(Carola, again). How could we disagree? 

Rae Morris brushes(Sara and Melly). Rae Morris was my very first reference point in the vast world of makeup (I still have a book with her best looks). It goes without saying his brushes are a must. 

Head massages all day long(Ester). A bit complicated, but if youd like to give a relaxing massage as a gift, all you have to do is check out one of many complete tutorials on Youtube.

Anything by Dior(Veruska). How could we not agree? Dior has recently launched some new lip lacquers, the Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks, in 17 delicious shades, all of which are worth checking out. We already love them. 

A ghd flat iron(Valeria). I second that! A true must-have for those who love to take care of their own hair. 

A home SPA, like the one in the film Dirty Sexy Money. Try recreating the perfect atmosphere in your own bathroom. Follow this link to find out how.

The Crème Riche set of creams by Caudalie(Lisa) – Choose the Premier Cru line by Caudalie. It is truly the best.


All Marc Jacobss nail polishes(Lisa, again) – Youll have a tough time choosing here! 

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