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F*ck Donald Trump: Is Nuclear War Next?

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Nia Hampton | Monday April 24th 2017

Nuclear War

The threat of nuclear war has always been lingering in the United States since we created the monstrous technology and used it against other nations. For decades we’ve been justifiably paranoid about the possibility of another country treating us how we’ve treated them. And now with ole Slippery Fingers Cheeto in the Oval Office, the possibility of nuclear war is perhaps closer. We witnessed how casually he dropped bombs on Syria and Afghanistan. So what makes North Korea different? Well first, Kim Jong Un, (as my people say) is not the one. The unruly dictator recently tested weapons of mass destruction at a large celebration for his grandfather, where a mock up video of bombs blowing up the Coast of the United States were met by applause. Scared yet?

But why so much hostility between North Korea and the States? It’s a long and complex history.  In 1950 North Korea sent 75,000 troops into South Korea and sparked the Korean War. The US sided with South Korea and along with Japan became the enemy of North Korea. The US also bombed and napalmed the country leaving 20 percent of its population dead. The country has been hermit like since its inception, choosing to stay to itself and indoctrinate it’s citizens in propaganda which praises its dictatorship. The country almost seems singularly obsessed with revenge on the States for the damage done during the Korean war as well as protection of itself, as it’s a small country that is cornered between one enemy, Japan to the North, and another, South Korea to the South. The States holds heavy weapons which are ready to be deployed if necessary. But the response from North Korea may be the most detrimental to South Korea and Japan, as the weaponry that North Korea has, grows everyday. “The situation facing the U.S. grows dire as North Korea moves toward its goal of developing an intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead that could hit the U.S. mainland.  North Korea will need until at least 2020 to develop a nuclear weapon with that reach, according to John Schilling, a satellite specialist with the Aerospace Corp.” says a Bloomberg report.

So is war coming? It’s complicated. Many reports are conflicting. Some balk at the small country’s audacity, others are aware of the how “unpredictable” Kim Jung Un is. And nothing has been for certain under the Trump administration. In my humble opinion, I would cross no possibility out. The hatred that North Korea has for the States literally seems to power the country. And peace talks and treaties have literally failed for decades. However, North Korea has not yet mastered the technology to make a bomb that can reach the States, not yet at least. But if El Cheeto decides to act tough and bomb North Korea first, they certainly have enough weapons to make South Korea and Japan feel the pain, which would more than likely bring on World War 3.  But before you start drawing blue prints for a fall out shelter, read up on the conflict between the two countries and form your own opinion. As scary as it is to read and write about war, it’s a very real thing that many people live through and survive. Here’s to hoping Trump is impeached before things get too out of hand internationally.

Graphic By Sophia Gach-Rasool

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