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F*ck Donald Trump: Impeachment? In Your Dreams

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Nia Hampton | Monday May 22nd 2017



So much has gone down this month…where do we begin? On May 9th, the Director of the FBI, James B. Comey was fired. Trump claims Comey has been fired because of the way he handled Hilary Clinton’s controversial emails, oh you know those emails that may have cost her the election, yeah turns out they were nothing. During the election, Hilary’s emails were used against her in the media and even by Trump himself, but all of sudden, Trump doesn’t like the way Comey handled the situation? Sounds like a load of barnacles to me. Yeah, this has nothing to do with the fact that Comey is leading an investigation into the elections and Trumps relationship with Russia. That’s pure coincidence.  

Despite the fact that Trump insisted that we know that Comey “cleared his name three times”, the mere idea of Comey sticking his nose into the Orange Oval Office rubbed El Cheeto the wrong way and prompted him to fire Comey. In what is quite possibly the most obvious thing he’s done to prove that Russia is in fact paying him, Trump has managed to possibly jump start the process of his own impeachment. If only we were that lucky. I personally don’t see an impeachment happening for Trump anytime soon. And if it were to go down, think about who would take his place? This administration is rotten down to the core and America is going to have to do more than pull out a loose rotten tooth, it’s gonna need a root canal. Strangely, Trump seems to be the one pulling the teeth out and then longing to put them back in. Trump knew Flynn was under investigation before he hired him as top National Security Advisor. In fact, Trump loves Flynn so much, he told Comey to lay off him, before he hit him with the trademark “yer fiyard!”. Apparently, Trump wants him back now, since the investigation is over…or is it? In other news, Scandal will be ending it’s series next year as the show simply can not outdo the real life drama occurring in our current White House. LOL

It’s also been revealed that Jared Kushner, son-in-law of and senior advisor to the President has been promising green cards to Chinese investors in exchange for money as they attempt to finance 150 million dollar luxury apartments in New Jersey.   

Betsy Devos wants to cancel the student loan forgiveness program and help the government sue citizens who have defaulted or not paid them back yet.

And finally in “Duh” News, Donald Trump won’t STFU. He’s been leaking info and then bragging about his right to do so on Twitter. The man simply has no shame. And apparently neither does this country.

Graphic By Sophia Gach-Rasool

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